Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Our tiny town is situated outback in the north of> New South Wales near the Queensland border, it is in> the red dirt country and not much use for anything> but opal mining and running a few sheep per hundred> hectares. It is flat and dusty with a scattering of> stunted eucalypts, we see kangaroos hopping all over> the area and the emus run in large groups racing the> 4 wheel drives cross country. As a teenager it is> boring as crap, nothing much to do except go> shooting with my pea rifle, a .22 carbine, there> aren't many other kids my age around due to the> distance between sheep stations and the town is> mainly older people whose kids have either grown up> or have gone away to school in the big smoke,> Sydney. > > Our church's minister, his name was Jackson, was as> old as Methuselah, at least 70 years old and one> Sunday we rocked up for the service to find the> church locked and deserted. The verger unlocked the> doors and went to the manse looking for the reverend> Jackson, he came back looking upset and red eyed to> announce that the minister had died in his sleep so> there would be no service that day. The congregation> was dumb struck by the news because the old guy had> seemed as fit as a Mallee bull, everyone thought> he'd be still there for many years yet, we drifted> away slowly because everyone was shocked and seeking> solace from the other congregation members.> > We wandered home in a sort of daze, what could we do> on Sunday morning with no church service, my dad, a> very religious man decided we would hold a prayer> session and pray for the soul of our departed> minister. We knelt on the lounge room floor praying> for an hour by which time my knees were aching so> much and no matter how I moved trying to ease them> it didn't help. Finally dad finished and mum rushed> to the kitchen to check on leg of pork roasting in> the oven of the combustion stove. We all sat around> the dining table silently eating our dinner and when> finished it was my job to clear away the table and> wash the dishes in the sink.> > A week passed and no church although there was a> service at the graveyard for reverend Jackson, a> minister came from Coonabarabran to hold the service> but then he left to go back to his parish. The next> week on Friday he arrived, our new minister, a young> man just out of training his name was Edmond> O'Brien. He was tall and slim, very handsome and the> ladies were all of a twitter about us getting such a> fine young gentleman, I too was wrapped I thought he> was awesome. When he shook my hand after we were> introduced but he held mine longer than the others> and he looked intensely into my eyes with his> emerald green orbs and my heart behaved weirdly as> if it would pound out of my chest while my 6 incher> stiffened in my pants.> > My name is Shaun Crossly, I'm 16yo, 5'9" tall and> about 130 lbs, I'm fit from all the walking and> hunting and I'm still a total virgin, I have learnt> to wank my dick but that's it due to the scarcity of> kids my age of either sex. I was so totally randy,> my teen hormones were raging through my body; my> cock was a rule unto itself it got hard whenever it> felt like it, much to my embarrassment. My bed> sheets in the mornings were stiff with spilt sperm> and no matter how many times I wanked it still> seemed to be a regular event. I used to sneak them> into the laundry and wash them along with my claggy> briefs. My mum was puzzled by me doing washing but I> just brushed it aside saying I was just helping her> out, she looked weirdly at me and asked, "If you> want to help me that is fine but you leave your> other clothes to me to wash, I can't quite> understand your reasoning there Shaun."> > I realised I had boo booed and from then on I washed> all my clothing and she just smiled and thanked me,> if she talked to dad about it he probably filled her> in as surely it had happened to him as a teenager> too, but I was too shy to ask him and he didn't seem> to want to talk about the birds and bees with me, so> it was up to my imagination to work things out for> myself. I new a good looking bloke or boy attracted> me more than any sheila so I guessed that maybe I> was homosexual but it wasn't till I found a set of> DVD's in a rubbish skip that I knew for sure. It was> a set of the English Queer as Folks, OMG guys> kissing and doing the business and I was hard as> steel watching it, of course I had to watch it when> my rents were out and I had the sound right down in> case anyone could hear it outside in the dusty sun> baked street.> I nearly wore out our DVD player watching it over> and over every opportunity I got I sat there hard> and wanking my eyes glued to the screen, I must have> produced gallons of sperm over those DVD's my poor> cock and balls were sore from jerking my gherkin.> > Ok now I knew what guys did I needed a partner to> mess about with but whom could I approach, I was> terrified I'd be found out and ostracised by the> town so I was in a quandary. I kind of hoped maybe> the reverend O'Brien might be a candidate but just> didn't know how to broach the subject so I didn't> and just kept wanking like crazy night and day at> every opportunity, my rents thought I was ill> because of the time I spent in the outdoor dunny, we> didn't have sewerage and the thunder box's can had> to be emptied regularly, phew what a horrible job> that was.> > After about a month from his arrival the reverend> O'Brien asked my dad if I would be able to help him> redecorate the manse, dad came to me and asked if> I'd help out the minister and I was only too eager> to do it, the chance to spend time alone in the> manse with this sexy man was too good to miss out> on. Next day I dressed in an old pair of cut off> jeans about a size too small and an old t-shirt of> similar tightness, I turned around in front of the> mirror on my wardrobe eyeing off my teen body and> yop I looked sort of sexy. Shortly after I was> knocking on the manse's door and he opened it> dressed casually in a pair of old footy shorts and a> tatty old t-shirt with paint spatters on his arms> and a smudge on his nose. I grinned and he smiled> and greeted me then stood aside to let me enter, I> walked in wrinkling my nose at the smell of the> fresh paint, he had began decorating the lounge room> on the right side of the corridor. > > We began painting together and I kept stealing> glances at his fit body, he caught me looking> several times and smiled at me as he used the roller> on the wall. I watched his full round bum as he> stretched and bent, every now and then I'd catch a> glimpse of his package and it looked awesome as his> flimsy shorts highlighted his bulge as he moved.> When he stretched up his t-shirt lifted exposing his> unreal sexy stomach with its beaut six-pack and a> faint golden trail of pubes from his navel into his> shorts, man this bloke was one molten sexy person.> > Midday came and he looked at me saying, "Are you> hungry Shaun?" > > I looked at him and felt heat on my face as I> blushed, I thought to myself that I was so hungry> for him not food, then my tummy rumbled loudly and> he came across laughing as he rubbed my belly softly> saying, "Yop certainly sounds like you are, lets go> eat."> > He led me to the bathroom where we washed off the> paint spatters, he even washed my face for me and> his tender touch got me hard as steel. My cock was> hard and pointing at my chin making a defined ridge> in my cut offs I prayed he didn't notice my> excitement as we walked into the kitchen and he> asked me to sit down while he got us a> meal. Reverend> O'Brien asked what I felt like eating, he said there> are pies, sausage rolls or if you'd like cold stuff> I have sliced ham and fresh bread so we could have> sangers (sandwiches) . > > I thought for a minute and told him pies sounded> cool, he grinned and opened the freezer pulling out> four frozen pies and popping them into the microwave> then set the timer and filled the kettle plugging it> in to the power point to boil. He then put a bottle> of tomato sauce on the table and plates, cutlery and> two mugs; he sat next to me while we chatted waiting> for the ping to announce our meal was ready. I felt> his knee brush against mine and I trembled and> didn't move away, he pressed against me and jigged> his leg rubbing on mine. I gulped hard swallowing as> I felt my face get hot knowing I was blushing, he> looked at me and smiled a big friendly grin before> putting his hand on my knee and giving it a gentle> squeeze.> > I was shaking all over and he gently rubbed my thigh> saying, "Don't be scared Shaun, I'm not going to> hurt you I just find you so attractive. Have you> ever messed around with another boy or a girl?"> > I shook my head unable to speak I was so nervous,> his smooth hand rubbed caressingly further and> further

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