Wednesday, October 10, 2007

my friend in health club

When I'm bored, I tend to think about sex a lot - - gay sex. Up until this point, as a inteen-year- old, I had never actually had any sexual contact with a man. I was certainly not "out." On the outside I appeared straight, as many do, often times getting with girls just to protect the reputation. Those who knew me well, I'm sure had a reasonable doubt to my heterosexuality. I'm almost positive that some of my closest friends knew I was gay, especially since I have been, well, rather friendly with them while we're all drunk now and then. I had even felt a few of them up during sleepovers from time to time, but that's a whole other story. Well, here's the actual story. It had been somewhat of a long day, withschool, and working at my part time job, I was definitely ready to get stoned or drunk, or any thing to do with influences. After all, it was Friday night. After I got off work, I cruised around a little, waiting to hear from a few buddies. After getting off work at 6, it began to be seven. I had driven pretty much all over the city. For some unknown reason, I was extremely horny. Normally when I'm horny, I do one of two things - - jack off, or chill at my health club peaking at hot men. On this particular night, I had nowhere to go, not even home, as my parents were throwing some party that I was prohibited from. I decided to swing by the health club, and chill for a while, and kill some time. I was in an area not near my home, and the health club I am a member of is a chain, so they have about 10 locations that I have access to. So, the club that I pulled into was a new one to me, as I had never been there before. I navigated my why to the locker room, and removed all of my clothes. Itend to be slightly self-conscious about my body, as I don't have the most perfect looks. I'm about 6'2, 175 lbs, with brown hair, and brown eyes. I have naturally darker skin, and I'm on the hairier side - - not ugly by any means. As, I roamed around the locker room, there was a lot of the usual - - old, saggy, and wrinkly old men. It's always lucky when you find a really hot guy to gawk at. After showering, I got into the Jacuzzi, and noticed a hot Thai guy sitting in the sauna. It was ideal, because where I was sitting in the Jacuzzi, I could see right through the door in the sauna, and watch him just sitting there, every now and then re-adjusting, or feeling up his thick, uncut cock. I watched him for a while, until he got out to go shower. I followed him into the showers, and there watched him soap himself up, and rinse off. After he left, I noticed he had returned to the sauna. Feeling adventurous, I figured what the hell, and entered the sauna room where just him, and I sat. About 5 minutes went by before I broke the ice with a made up question, "Do you know where Fotchski's Bar is?" Looking at me, seemingly please that I broke the ice, he responded, "uh, I think there's one downtown, near the county hospital. They have a really good outdoor seating... It's really nice for a few beers after work." Elaborating on my bullshit lie I said, "Yeah, I'm supposed to be meeting some buddies up there for one of their birthdays - - not till 10:30 though." (At the time, it was probably only 8:45) "Yeah, I was supposed to go se the Matrix 3 tonight, but the buddy I was going to go with is home with a sick kid."I said, "Yeah that sucks." We continued to shoot the shit for probably another 15 minutes getting to know each other a little bit. He then told me he was going to rinse off, and hop in the Jacuzzi; he invited me to join him. I jumped at the opportunity, literally, following him out of the sauna, checking out his fine, muscular ass. In the Jacuzzi, he asked me how old I was. Scared, I responded, "Twenty-Three, yourself?" He had a mischievous look on his face, "Older, you should guess..." I guessed twenty-seven, and it turned out his was twenty-eight. Holy shit I thought to myself. This guy is eleven years older than me, and we're talking. I had no idea if anything would happen between us. I had nothing to base iton, as it was my first experience. After talking about my made up career, and college degree, he exclaimed that he was a physical therapist. He talked in good detail about his career, explaining that he was self-employed, and insinuating that he makes good money.After a few cycles of the Jacuzzi, he invited me back into the sauna. By this time, I sort of felt that something could happen between us, but it was still very far out. In the sauna, he continued to talk about his coming to America, as a child, and really serious stuff, like morals, values, etc. This was a little bit of a turn off to me - - not so much a turn off, but anindication that nothing would go down between us. The conversation then moved to dating, and him revealing that he didn't want to settle down yet, so he could still "experience new things." I told him I was very close to getting married in college, but she wasn't what Iwanted. Then the conversation moved to working out, and him being horny after workouts. He asked me, in a curious tone, if I got horny after working out. Still not knowing if he was looking to do anything or not, I responded, "yeah... a lot," with a smile on my face. From there he began to stroke his cock, which had been swelling, and shrinking on, and off allnight. Soon, he was hard. It was an awkward silence at this point. I began to stoke my cock a little, after he, STILL naive to the fact that he did want on me. As I became hard, he slid over to me, and reached for my cock, starting to jack it softly. This got me raging hard. He then took my left hand, and placed it on his hard cock. We jacked each other off for agood two minutes, before he asked, "Have you ever sucked a guy off before?" I turned really red, and admitted that this was my first time ever doing anything with a guy. He seemed to like that, and asked if I would like to try. I said I would, but I would like to go somewhere not as conspicuous as the sauna in the center of the empty locker room, with windows on each side. He told me he knew of a spot near the back where we could go. We proceeded out of the sauna toward the back of the locker room. When we got there, he leaned over and began kissing my nipples, and working his way down to my cock. He jacked it a little to get it completely hard. He then gave me a little "mini-head," just giving it a few kisses before standing up, to feed me his cock. I welcomed it into my mouth like it was Thanksgiving Pie. It tasted so good, and it was so thick. I could hardly fit my moutharound it. I sucked it for a good couple of minutes, jerking him, as well as myself off simultaneously. We got freaked out, as we heard a noise on the other end of the locker room. We got up, and he said, "Do you want to come over to my place for a little bit?"I was so freaked out by this. I shuddered, explaining that I had to meet my buddies at the bar in an hour. I made it clear that I wanted to get with him though anyway. We roamed around the locker room, looking for an alternative spot, only to find a tanning room with a lock on it, SCORE! As we got in there, I wrapped my arms around him, and gave him a modest kiss of the cheek, while caressing his ass. He told me he wanted to 69. We got onthe floor in the position, and sucked each other for about 10 minutes. The whole time, he was moaning, as he fucked the shit out of my face. I was choking on he cock, as he was doing the same with mine. At one point, I took both of his balls into my mouth. This drove him wild. Shortly after that, while I was deep throating him, he whined, "I'm gonna cum!" Seconds later, he blasted a load of his liquid hot semen into my mouth. I had a hard time taking it all down but I did. I continued to suck him off, until he pulled away, saying that it tickled too much. From there I stood up, and fed my dick into his mouth. It was taking me a while to get off, so he began to jack me off, until I blasted a huge load all over his face. I fell down into his arms. We sat there, and caressed each other for quite sometime.From there he got up, and headed for the door. I thanked him, and told him how happy I was that this happened. He said I was great, and that he hoped to see me around this club again sometime soon!

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