Tuesday, October 9, 2007

i like that

Ryan looked around the restaurant he worked in one last time at the end of> his shift. By this time tomorrow he would be far away from the little town> he had been born and raised in. Now all he had to do was tell Chris, who> was about the closest thing he had to a friend.> > > Chris and Ryan had worked together for close on a year and even though, at> twenty two, Chris was a year younger he had always seemed older to Ryan.> Perhaps that was because he was fairly level headed, or perhaps it was> because of all that dark, silky fir on his chest and arms. It was Chris who> had shown Ryan the ropes at the restaurant and taught him the job, so it> was only fair that he say goodbye. Ryan wasn't even going to bother> telling his boss; the first he would know that Ryan wasn't coming back was> when he didn't show up for his shift.> > > 'I just wanted to say goodbye,' Ryan said as he stuck out his hand. 'I'm> leaving town tomorrow.'> > 'Why do you want to do that?' Chris asked.> > 'There are things I need that I just can't get in a place like this.' Ryan> said.> > Suddenly Chris' curiosity was aroused. His face flushed and his mouth felt> like sandpaper as he tried to speak.> > 'I--I don't understand.' Chris lowered his voice as he looked directly> into Ryan's big blue eyes. 'What is it you need that you can't get here?'> > 'I can't talk about it.' Ryan replied. He was torn: a part of him was> secretly pleased that Chris looked so cut up that he was leaving - at least> now he knew that someone would miss him when he left - but he was sad too> that he couldn't share his secret with Chris.> > 'So that's it huh?' Chris sounded wounded. 'You're just gonna up sticks and> leave without even saying why.'> > 'Look, I'm gay, okay.' The words just tumbled out of Ryan's mouth before he> could reign them in. 'I'm probably the only gay guy in this whole damn> place and I'm never gonna get any action. Not like you and all the girls> you keep dating.'> > Chris was nervous as he looked around, not only that other people might> hear was he was about to tell Ryan, but it was something he had hardly> admitted to himself.> > 'It's not all you think it is.' Chris said softly. 'I'm still a virgin.'> > 'Really?' Ryan was surprised and somehow secretly delighted. 'Why? I don't> understand.'> > > The boss was waiting to lock up so they moved from the back of the> restaurant to the exit. There was an awkward moment in the car park as the> stood in silence, each unsure if they had revealed too much.> > > 'Come back to my place.' Chris said and the tension, of one kind, was> broken but another was surfacing in Ryan's work pants. His cock throbbed> all the way over on the short drive to Chris' place. Where was this> heading, he wondered, and could he handle it? Ryan told himself that at> least if he fucked up tonight and embarrassed himself with Chris he was> leaving in the morning and could put it all behind him.> > > Chris had his own apartment which was something that Ryan envied. Part of> the reason he wanted to get out of town was to be independent and get out> from under his parents' feet; he knew that as long as he lived in the same> town as them they would never understand why he would want to live on his> own when they had plenty of room in the house. How Chris was able to afford> his own apartment was something that Ryan could never quite work out but> when he saw how run-down and stark the apartment was he began to> understand.> > > 'Sorry, it's a bit of dump.' Chris apologised.> > 'At least it is your own, to do what you like in.' Ryan said.> > 'Yeah, but the thing I want to do here I can't do because I can't find> anyone to do it with.' Chris said.> > > Ryan was suddenly aware of the pounding of his heart. It was so loud and> insistent he was certain that the people in the house at the end of the> street could hear it. His head was in a spin and he felt decidedly giddy.> He gratefully accepted the cold beer Chris pressed into his hand and took a> long swig.> > 'What...what. .er...ummm. .what is it you want to do?' he stammered.> > 'You might think you're the only gay guy in town but you'd be wrong.' Chris> said.> > It was like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He saw Ryan's> already big blue eyes widen in surprise and his thick black eyebrows lift> higher. His usually pink cheeks were flushed a deep red and his tongue> darted out and licked his sexy red lips. Chris had never seen him looking> so hot before and he knew in that instant he had to take a chance.> > > 'You mean you're...' Ryan didn't have a chance to finish his sentence as> Chris stepped up to him and took him in his arms and pressed his lips up> close and Ryan melted in his arm as his lips parted and Chris tongue traced> over his neat, straight teeth before duelling with his tongue. In his> excitement Ryan dropped his beer and pulled away to see it pouring into the> carpet.> > > 'Leave that.' Chris said as he once more took the sexy young stud into his> arms. Chris' cock felt full to bursting point. In all the times he had> fooled around with girls it had never felt so hard and a kiss had never> been so sweet. He now knew the answer to the question that he had been> bugging him for the last six months. He could feel Ryan's hard cock crushed> up against his own as their hands roamed all over each other's backs and> tight little bubble butts.> > > It was Ryan who pulled away first. He cupped his hands around Chris'> handsome face and gazed into his warm brown eyes.> > 'What?' Chris asked.> > 'I think I'm in love already.'> > In reply Chris moved in for another desperately hunger yet achingly tender> kiss. Electric sparks raced through his veins and stimulated nerves he> didn't even know he had. His thick cock was glued to his underpants where> all of his excitement juice had oozed out; the hunger in his loins was> growing ever more urgent and he grabbed a hold of Ryan's firm, round ass to> let him know just exactly what he wanted tonight.> > > Wild horses couldn't have dragged Ryan away from that apartment and his> date with destiny. Tonight he would achieve all he had ever longed for and> with the very person that he had so often daydreamed about. He had to pinch> himself to make sure it wasn't a dream. He had fully expected his first> time to be with some older man in a dark alley with a whole lot of lust but> not much love. But here he was being kissed like his were the most precious> pair of lips in the world, and the hunger he could feel through Chris' work> pants made his asshole twitch. This was the man of his dreams and young> love heightened all of his senses.> > > 'You're beautiful.' Chris whispered as he began to unbutton Ryan's shirt.> The younger guy kissed his lover's neck as his hands stroked the warm,> smooth skin of his chest. A surge of excitement shot through Chris as his> fingers brushed over the tiny little nubs of Ryan's nipples. He pushed> Ryan's arms up above his head and very gently kissed his little soldiers> until they jutted out away from his chest. Ryan's moan was just the> horniest thing Chris had ever heard, hornier even than the moans that> escaped Missy' throat every time Chris had fingered her. Chris was in a> daze as he came off his lover's nipples and saw his closed eyes with their> long, long lashes and that pretty face all flushed with excitement. He> buried his face in Ryan's left armpit and licked it, making Ryan quiver in> delight.> > > When Chris was done licking both armpits he kissed down Ryan's neck and> onto his shoulders and then slowly kissed down his smooth chest and flat> stomach. Ryan moaned out loud as Chris dropped to his knees and tugged on> Ryan's fly. A few moments later Ryan's eight inch cock sprung free as Chris> tugged his pants and underpants down to his ankles. Ryan's cock head felt> so incredibly delicious as his foreskin had retracted and the secretion> coated surface was now exposed to the air. Seconds later he groaned out> loud in astonishment as the warmth and slickness of Chris mouth enveloped> his straining cock. Shit! The feeling was just plain out of this world. He> could feel his knees buckle as he pressed his hands onto Chris' broad> shoulders for support. Seconds later the world stopped turning as his cock> started to spew the most amazing volume of joy juice he had ever known.> > > 'I'm sorry...I'm sorry.' He apologised as he floated back down to earth and> saw Chris rise to his feet, still licking his lips.> > 'That's okay.' Chris said. 'Come sit down a while. We've got loads to talk> about.'> > > But as much as he wanted to talk Ryan knew that would have to wait. As soon> as they were on the beat-up sofa he began tugging on Chris clothes and soon> had him naked. And what a fine sight he was. His olive skin was warm and> surprisingly soft and silky where it wasn't covered by sexy, dark fur. His> body was muscular and well developed, especially his hairy thighs; and as> for the size of his furry nuts and thick cock, Ryan lust just rose higher> and higher the longer he gazed at them. He was torn between going straight> in for cock and balls or savouring the whole delicious package that was> Chris with his handsome face and sexy eyes and firm, hard young body.> > > Ryan moved in closer and stroked Chris' furry chest. His red nipples might> have been lost in all that fur if they hadn't been so prominent and Ryan> took a few moments to worry them between his teeth and tongue. His own> cock was starting to re-inflate as he kissed his lover's neck and then> moved onto his shapely lips. Their tongues once more probed each other's> mouths as Chris pulled Ryan towards him. Ryan straddled Chris' lap and he> could feel Chris' thick cock and hairy balls mashed up against his own> smooth balls and slender eight inch wanger. As he kissed he gently brushed> his body up and down against Chris', leaving snails' trails of precum on> Chris' thick cock and belly. He could feel Chris' warm hands stroking down> his back and now stroking lower, cupping the cheeks of his ass and pulling> them apart. Ryan just about jumped out of his skin as Chris finger brushed> past his virgin pucker hole.> > 'I need to cum, I need to come real quick.' Chris pleaded.> > > As much as Ryan would have loved to have that big cock up his chute he knew> that would have to wait until some other time. He climbed off Chris and got> down on his knees in front of him. Ryan's hands stroked up and down Chris'> hairy thighs a couple of times as the young stud bucked about on the sofa,> thrusting his thick cock into his fist. He was absolutely desperate to get> his rocks off; it was as if his cum was burning a hole in his ball sac.> Ryan lowered his head now and unclenched Chris fist and replaced it with> his own. He started nibbling on Chris' big nuts, intoxicated by the sexual> heat and funk of a pair of big, hairy balls. He could tell that Chris was> real close so he came off his balls and took his crimson cock head into his> mouth. His lips and mouth suctioned as his hand stroked that thick,> beautiful piece of meat. Chris grabbed hold of Ryan's pretty head as the> magic of his warm, wet mouth brought him closer and closer to the> edge. Suddenly he could fight it no more and he groaned out loud as his big> balls lasted out a red hot load of tasty jizz.> > > When Ryan came up for air he still had a string of jism drooling out the> corner of his mouth and Chris pulled him close and tasted his own tangy> fuck sauce on his lover's lips.> > > 'We need to find somewhere decent for us to live.' Chris said when at last> he was able to speak.> > 'Does that mean that you...me, us?' Ryan was so emotional that he could> hardly get the words out.> > 'It sure does,' Chris replied 'for as long as you want me,'> > 'That will be forever and ever, then.' Ryan replied as he snuggled up to> his newfound lover and felt his strong arms close about him.>

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