Saturday, October 6, 2007

third part of me and my gym friend

The last place that I left you was when Harry and I talked about another guy at work named Mark. Mark is 6'2" and 205lbs and always has a chick hanging from his arms. He is the starting forward for our college basketball team and is working in the office to earn some extra money to pay bills. There was no doubt in my mind that Mark was totally straight.I had heard several of the girls in the office talking about him and saying that they had the chance to "hook up" with him. I was curious, so I listened to everything that they had to say. One of the girls, Lisa, was telling Mary about her's and Mark's time together. There wasn't a detail left out, and I was getting bored with the story... shopping, eating, goingout to the bar, etc... I didn't think that it would get any better. But, just when I was about to stop listening, I heard her say that she brought him home. That peaked my ears!!Lisa said that Mark was definitely grade A material. She told Mary about how they sat on the couch and were watching a movie after going to the bar at her house. She said that Mark started to get "fresh" with her and was feeling all up on her. She said that she felt down to his legs and was really getting hot. She said finally they were doing some prettyheavy-duty petting and she finally felt down to his crotch. I was already getting hard at just the thought of this guy... but also about getting it on with her too. She said that she about crapped her pants when she felt his cock. She said that she didn't know how long it was, but she knew it was definitely thick! The images that went through my head were amazing!Lisa said that they finally went to her bedroom and finally took off each others clothing. She said when she finally got his boxers off, she about fainted... it had to be 12" long and she said it was almost as thick as her wrist. She said that she was definitely satisfied that night and had fucked for 6 hours straight. She said she couldn't believe his stamina andthe fact that after he came, he was ready to go again, shortly after.As you can imagine, I was about ready to pop a cork right then and there. I decided I had to go and jerk off if I was going to get any work done. I used the images provided from Lisa and brought myself to an orgasm really quick. Just as I was releasing, however, I heard someone come into the bathroom and use the urinal next to the stall. I know of a secret hole I put in there, which is well covered by the toilet paper dispenser. I looked into the urinal and wanted to see what I might see. I was amazed at the cock in front of me. I thought for sure it was Harry because of the thickness and length. The guy was done pissing and walked over to the sink, and I about creamed again, it was Mark. He left the bathroom and I sat there and cleaned the mess that I left on the stall door. I hate whenthat happens!
Throughout the day, I couldn't take my eyes off of Mark. The other thing that I noticed now, which I am surprised that I didn't notice earlier, Mark had a huge bulge on his left side... very evident for everyone to see. I couldn't believe that I had missed that earlier. Probably because I knew he was off limits... so to speak.The other thing about Mark is that he has a killer smile. I couldn't believe how hot this guy really was. No wonder the women are all over this guy!

Mark actually ended up sitting next to me during our lunch break and started talking to me. I at first thought he had to be talking to one of his bimbos that flocked all over him, but when I looked around to see no one else around, I knew it was me he was talking to."Hey man!" "Hey Mark, how is it going?" "Doing alright," he said, "I can't complain right now. What do you think about this project we have to finish by Friday?""It's alright. I don't know if we will have it done in time if we don't put in some extra hours though,"I said."You mean, we will have to put in OT?""Yup!""Damn, I was hoping that we could break early. I have some plans every night this week and I don't want to spend that time in here!" He seemed very upset and started to actually pout. It was so cute!"Well, stud, hate to burst your bubble, but it has to get done, if you want a job in the future.""Alright," he said, "I want to get this done! How long are you planning on staying tonight to work on this?""I plan on staying at least until 10 or 11""That fucking late?? Damn, I definitely won't get any tonight if we go that late. Any chance of stopping earlier?""Nope, sorry... gotta get this done!" Of course you know, this meant that I was being mean on purpose. I wanted this stud for myself, and I was going to do my best to stop him from getting laid by some chick."Ok, I better call Carrie then." He said."Carrie?? What about Lisa?""What about her... she was a good lay. Can't stay with one too long, they get too clingy!" Wow, I couldn't believe him. He was a male slut! He definitely liked sex, and didn't want the extra measures. I could go for that! *smile*We worked for a few hours after everyone else had left. It was just him and I. I started to notice different things about him that I hadn't earlier. His eyes, smell, etc. I was really getting intoxicated by him and could feel myself getting a woody just from sitting here with him. This wasn't going to be an easy week.I offered to buy pizza tonight if he would take care of the meal tomorrow night. He agreed. When the pizza guy arrived, it was actually someone I knew and he just couldn't take his eyes off of Mark. I know that Mark noticed and seemed a little uncomfortable with the fact that the pizza guy was probably gay. We finally started to eat and Mark asked me if I noticed the pizza guy staring at him. I told him that I didn't notice, and asked why. (this could prove interesting I thought).
"I just hate it when guys who are openly gay just stare at you like you are a piece of meat to them." Interesting thought I said to myself. "Mark, how do you think women feel when you do that to them?" I asked. He tried to say that it was different and how that was the natural way things were supposed to be. Guys and girls... not guys with guys. I was definitely feeling a homophobe vibe coming. I asked him what could be not natural if 2 people love each other or really like each other and justdecide to have sex. I said that is no different for men and women.He looked at me with a surprised face. He said that he didn't think that I thought that way. I told him that I didn't see what the big deal was about. Mark just became really quiet and just looked at me from time to time as he was eating his pizza. I could tell he was really thinking about what I said.After we woofed the pizza down, Mark was still quiet. I asked what the problem was.
He said, "I didn't know you were gay."This totally took me by surprise. "I am not gay, I am bi-sexual Mark. I like both guys and girls. I feel sex is sex and can be enjoyable with both."He just looked down and mumbled something. I asked him what he said. He mumbled it again. I told him that I couldn't hear him, and that he had to speak up."I always wondered what it would be like to have sex with a guy." He said.Holy Cow!!! I couldn't believe my ears. Did he just really say that??? "Mark, would you want to try it out?" I know that I was a little forward with this... but I felt that this was as good of time as any. "I dunno," he replied, "I don't know if I could.""Well, we don't have to do anything you don't want to. We can just take it slow. Is there anything that you would like to try first?" I asked."Well, I overheard that a guy can give a blow-job better than a woman because they know how they like it. A lot of the women I have dated can't blow me cause they say I am too big. I love blow-jobs and I would like to get one. Do you think you could try it?""Mark, if it would make you happy, sure!" Would I try it... I was jumping up and down inside.I couldn't believe what happened next. Mark just unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and let them fall. His cock was definitely huge, that much I could tell by the bulge that now stood out from his boxers. I couldn't believe my luck. He laid down on the desk next to me and then proceeded to rub himself. I took his hand away and said that I wanted to take care ofeverything for him. He just gave me a nervous smile and said, ok.I put my hand on his huge organ. I thought Harry was big... Damn, I couldn't wait to tell Harry about this! As I started to rub Mark's cock, it didn't get hard at all. I told Mark that I was going to take off his boxers to give me better access to him. He agreed and lifted his ass off the desk so I could pull them off. The sight before me after that made me think I was in heaven. He took of his shirt and his body was all muscle. Nicely formed pecs, a six-pack you could bounce quarters off of, and nice perky nipples that were screaming to be licked. Mark just moaned and I noticed that his cock started to grow. Soft he had to be about 5 inches and pretty thick. When he started to grow, I noticed that it became more and more heavy and finally the head of it landed right even with his belly button. I was amazed! I asked him how long that thing was. He said he didn't know, he never measured it. I asked him if we could measure it. He said sure. I took a ruler that I just happened to have in my desk and put it up to his throbbing organ. A foot long ruler wasn't enough... there wasa little bit over it. It ended up being 13.25" OVER 13 INCHES CUT!!! And when I say thick... he was thicker than Harry. I didn't know if I was going to be able to do what he was asking for, but I was surely going to give it my all!I leaned down and finally put the object of desire into my mouth. I wanted to taste that thing. I could only get the head into my mouth and started to feel my lips stretching for everything that they were worth. I didn't think that I would be able to go any further than just the head. I wanted to do my best, so I started licking as much as I could around the head.I was amazed, however, as I felt my mouth start to glide slowly over his shaft. I felt him start to sink into my mouth and felt like I was putting a soda can into my mouth and trying my best to keep my teeth from biting. I had only about 3 inches in my mouth and started to move up and down on it. He moaned and said that I was doing a better job than any girl hadever been able to do. He was surprised that I had that much in my mouth... so was I!!!We kept this going for about 5 minutes and I noticed 2 things. I actually had more of it in my mouth, close to 4 inches... and 2, he was breathing quicker and his body was tensing up. The telltale signs of an impending orgasm. I wanted it... but I wanted to see him cum. I do get off watching a guy cum."I'm Cumming!" He all of a sudden said in a loud voice. I pulled the monster from my lips and jacked him off as fast as I could. He just grunted and then lifted his ass high off of the desk and let out a loud groan. Then it happened. He started firing. The first shot landed square on his face. He kept shooting all over himself and after about a good 7 shots, started to just dribble out of that huge head. I couldn't believe it... the guy I was just jacking off to earlier in the day, was now pudding in my hand. His breathing returned to normal and then he just looked at me and said, "I am a mess!"What I did next probably astounded him. I just leaned down and started to lick every inch of his skin that had his sweet nectar on it. I couldn't believe the taste of him. His cum was really sweet. I just drank it up and found myself wanting more and more. I eventually started to lick around his cock to get all of the remaining love juice. He then pushed myhead away quickly, saying he was too sensitive there, and told me to leave him alone.I obeyed, and just picked myself up and went over to another desk and started to work on the project, leaving him there. I know, wasn't probably the best move... but I was a little mad that he didn't want anything more.
The rest of the night was filled with tension in the air. He only answered me in quick one-word responses and then seemed to look for quick ways to leave the office. I knew that I had to take care of this quickly... but how? I wonder if Harry...

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