Saturday, October 13, 2007

me and justin

I was perfectly willing to spend the rest of my life alone. I was content in the fact that I would never meet anyone, I would never date anyone, never hook-up for one night, never do anything with anyone ever again, until I met Justin. That's how the year prior to meeting Justin had been going, or not going, if you will. And so it was June 2003, I was 18 years old, fresh out of my first non-eventful year of college, and I was at peace with the factthat I would die as a lonely hermit, completely alone.And then there was Justin.And any remnant of contented solitary life disapparated almost instantly. The inner peace I had somehow stumbled upon was thrown into chaos, all with one look at this 18year old boy. And by boy, I mean angel. And by angel, I mean a boy so fucking hot that even the most heterosexual men must find themselves sporting wood just by being in his presence. If you think I'm exaggerating, well, stop thinking that.I myself am not so bad looking. Don't let all this talk about my hermit ifestyle and perpetual solitude fool you. I had just fallen into some bad uck. Over a year of bad luck, actually. I blamed this, of course, on my oor decision of selecting the biggest party school in Illinois as mycollege of choice, inhabited, as I discovered, mainly by former high-school ocks, people who couldn't scrape double digits on their ACTs, and those trange people who actually wanted to get into the greek life. Plainly a ig mistake.I am about 5'10", 145 lbs., fairly toned from working out fairly regularly. nd of course my best asset is what's hanging between my legs, a nice cut -inch cock that I'm pretty proud of and don't mind showing off by wearing horts that reveal a nice prominent bulge. No action the entire year. learly I was the only gay guy at the entire school.But I was back home for the summer and back to my old high school job at lementi's, a fairly small family restaurant on the south side of Chicago here I worked pretty much doing everything. At a small restaurant it's ust easier training a few people to do everything rather than a lot of eople to do only one thing.May passed uneventfully and then at the beginning of June, Audrey, my anager told me one Saturday night that I'd be training a new worker Monday, hat he'd be coming in at four and she wanted me to take him under my wing nd teach him as much as possible. Sure, I told her, No problem. And that retty much was all the thought I gave to that.That is, until Monday rolled around, and as I was standing in the back, eaning on the computer counter reading my horoscope in the paper, Justin ame walking through the swinging doors, looking as if he owned the place lready, not d ring to be shy and timid like most workers on their first ay. I looked up from the paper and I tell you, if I didn't have so much self control, drool would have been running down my chin and my dick wouldhave become so hard, so fast, it would have busted through my shorts. Luckily though, I merely just smiled politely as he said, Hey, in that bratty, punk voice of his.I dared not let my eyes linger too long on him, but in the few moments I could, what I saw was definitely enough to actually get my cock tingling in that pre-erection way it seems to do. He was young, that was the first thing I noticed, his clear, smooth face still retaining hints of youth. He was probably about 5'8" tall and pretty skinny, in that skinny way most 18 year olds are. His hair was dirty blond and, in keeping with what seems to be the style lately, was sort of long and unkempt, falling untidily over his forehead. His black shirt was fairly tight and it made me want to just reach out and run my hand up and down his chest and belly.
Luckily though, I resisted. However, over the course of introducing myself--looking into his blue eyes--asking him a few polite questions--glancing up and down his body--my cock was actually starting to get hard, something which rarely happened by merely talking to and looking at someone, fully clothed anyway. Turning to check the level of salads anddressings in the cooler, I adjusted my now semi-hard dick in my pants for comfort and to keep anyone, especially Justin, from noticing.
Over the course of that first night, I found I could not keep my eyes off of him. Never with anyone before in my life had that happened, but with Justin, it was like he was controlling me somehow, keeping my mind from focusing on anything but him. And in a weird way it seemed like he knew what he was doing, the way he smirked sometimes, the expression in his eyes. I trained him on phones that day, taking carryout orders on the computersand so forth, and by the time he was able to do it on his own, several painstaking hours later, I sat down and lit a cigarette and just watched him. Of course I made like I was just bored, looking around, but while he was on the phone, prodding the touch-screen computer with his finger, my eyes were glued to his backside. And when he would stretch slightly and his shirt would lift above the edge of his low-riding shorts, offering me a view of his boxers beneath, I swear my cock would just gain two inches in size in a span of two seconds. Now that is a beautiful sight, I thought, as hereached for something on the shelves above the computers, his tight blackshirt riding up so that I could see not only his blue and white boxers but also the soft skin of his backside. Now how to get him to do the same thing facing me in order to see his belly, a delicious sight, I think.That night, after getting off work at midnight, once in my room, I tore my shirt and shorts off, and began rubbing my cock to complete erection through my boxer-briefs. Feeling as it grew and filled my hands, all 7 inches of rock hardness. Lying on my bed, I pulled my underwear down and began stroking my dick with my right hand, my left hand rubbing my balls, and I just dare you to guess what was on my mind.Justin. Justin. Justin.Blond-haired, baby-faced Justin. My mind raced, and so did my hand, up and down my cock, as in my mind I imagined it moving up and down Justin's smooth, thin chest, pulling his black shirt off, leaving only those boxers and his shorts. Not a lot of hair under his arms, but still enough, his nipples small and hard. My hand continued flying up and down my shaft, not caring that I was so close to cumming, not caring about holding it off, as my left hand continued massaging my balls. Feeling Justin's hard cock through his shorts, squeezing it as that grin on his face spread. Finally pulling down his shorts and just taking his entire dickinto my mouth, sucking and sucking with my hands on his butt cheeks, letting my fingers roam around there. Sucking and sucking...stroking and stroking...until. ...One last upward stroke and my hips were off the bed and out from my cock shot a hard jet of cum, flying through the air and landing square on my jaw. My white, hot load erupting next on my chest and stomach and then finally leaking over onto my hands. A long sigh and I was done, though my thoughts would stick with Justin even into sleep, because it was then that I realized that I wasn't content with being alone. Like hell I was. Not only did Iwant to be out there, picking up guys, sucking cock, getting sucked, I needed to be. I needed someone and damned if was going to go another year with no one.Two weeks of basically the same thing went by, me training Justin to do everything around the restaurant and him eliciting such a strong sexual desire in me that I knew something had to be done about it. And if nothing ever happened between us, I thought quite often, I would probably go insane, literally. After that two weeks of pure sexual frustration -- though I was jacking off twice a day just thinking about him, once actually in the bathroom at work after what I thought then was the closest look I was going to get of him naked when he was pulling a long sleeved shirt off because it was too hot; and while the shirt was halfway over his head, his vision blocked, both shirts he had on rode half way up his stomach, offering me the most beautiful view of his slim belly, light blond hair trailing from under his belly button into his shorts, which were, in his normal fashion, extremely low and in this state actually showing a bit of his pubic bush which was a slightly darker color, a light brown/blond. Well of course within a second of seeing this sight, my cock began growing rapidly and I quickly got up and locked myself in the bathroom. Pulling my cock so fast and roughly, the vision of Justin's beautiful body in my mind, I came within a minute, shooting my cum from the toilet I was sitting on all over the door of the stall.I'm getting hard as hell right now, just thinking of that minor incident. But as I was saying, after those first two weeks, convinced nothing would ever happened, the two most wonderful things occurred. The first was purely an accident. On a Friday night when it was exceptionally busy and after a few hours when I hadn't had time to use the washroom for hours, I excused myself to use the facilities. There I stood at one of two urinals, just pulling out my dick and letting out a nice hard stream when the door opened and Justin came walking in. He nodded his head at me, like he always does, with his silly grin and stepped up to the urinal beside me, rather then using the stall.I immediately began panicking slightly because there I was, my dick out, pissing, and there was Justin right next to me, pulling out his dick, only inches from mine. Of course I was fucking excited as hell! At first I dared not risk even the slightest of peeks at the kid, but as I heard his piss hitting the basin and my dick was steadily on the rise, I couldn't help but steal a quick glance, which I did, relieved that his head was turned the other way as he whistled some Dead song. His dick looked so soft and beautiful, nestled in that golden brown bush of pubic hair, his balls, a pretty big size, hanging down between his legs. His hand was not trying to cover up his dick, instead with two fingers he was holding it, moving it in circles and shaking it he pissed.By then my dick was semi-erect. I, of course, was covering mine up with my hand. As I squeezed out the last few drops of piss and stuffed my aching dick into my pants, I stole one last look at his dick, realizing I could get away with it since I was turning to leave anyway, and saw that his dick too was about half hard! A nice 5 inches, at least, and not only were his fingers still holding it, but they were now slowly moving up and down thelength of his dick, still as he was pissing.When I looked up, his head was no longer turned the other way, but looking right at me, the smirk still on his face but now in a seemingly different fashion. "Back to work," he said, his hand still moving, I noticed from the corner of my eye, slowly up and down his dick. I grinned stupidly and muttered, "Unfortunately, " as I made my way out and back to work.The rest of that night I felt as if I was on the verge of having a heartattack, half from the sexually arousing nature of what had happened, and half from the fact that he knew I was taking a look at his dick and though he seemed either non-caring or even amused, I wasn't sure if something bad would come of it. Mostly though, I was just fucking aroused, my hard dick not subsiding once the rest of the night until I was home and had finished jerking myself to one fabulous orgasm, pictures of Justin's half-hard, pissing cock in my mind, imagining how soft it looked and how it would feel in my hands as I held it while he pissed, slowly running my fingers up and down it just as he had.Another week went by. Now while watching him I didn't have to imagine what might be under his shorts, I knew because I had seen, and so while working with him it was about ten times harder to keep my dick from getting hard, and to keep myself from letting my hand give my dick a quick grope when no one was looking.That next Friday, after work, there was a party at this kid Tony's house for all the employees, or all the young employees who were friends, anyway. Of course I was not expecting Justin to be there, since he had only been working with us for a few weeks, but when I walked into Tony's backyard, there he was, sitting with a bottle of Bud Lite in his hands, his unkempt blonde hair in his eyes and a grin on his face.For most of the night, I kept to Alison, Sarah, and Dean, just bullshitting as usual and trying not to pay too much attention to Justin, still scared that he might say something about my bathroom etiquette. Though the more beers I had, the longer I let my eyes linger on Justin, noticing he was wearing that same tight black shirt he had on his first day, and a pair ofbrown cargo shorts big enough that sitting across from him, I was able to see up his leg slightly, almost to his crotch and the magnificent dick I had been preoccupied with for a week. As I lingered on him more and more too, I noticed that our eyes kept crossing paths and for brief moments we would look at each other before moving on, as if we both knew our thoughts were with the other. By the end of the night, the guys were all just walking to the back of the yard to piss, and as I was unzipping my pants and saw Justin walk up next to me, I was drunk enough to not be at all anxious about it or to care in the least bit. By his walk, I knew he was fairly drunk too. He unzipped his shorts and we pulled out our dicks at the same time. My inhibitions were low and I didn't even think about not looking at his dick, I merely gazed at it before looking up at him, he was looking at me too, and I said, "Don't cross streams," like the dork I am.Standing side by side, Justin and I both let out hard streams of piss into the bushes in front of us, our hands on our dicks. We just pissed in silence for the next minute, waving our dicks around and laughing slightly. I was glancing over at his pissing dick every few seconds, and I noticed he was doing the same to mine. My dick was about half hard, but I was drunk enough to not even care, and apparently so was he. As we squeezed out thelast few drops, he said, "My dick always gets hard when I piss."His hand was moving up and down his shaft like in the bathroom and I smiled and said, "Well maybe you shouldn't be strokin' it while you're pissin'." I realized then that I had my hand around my dick too and I was slowly jerking it while I was watching his hand doing the same thing to his own dick, now fully erect.We looked up at each other and he said, "Dude, wanna take a walk?"I merely nodded and we forced our dicks back into the confines of our shorts and walked out of the backyard. Nobody noticed we left, so we just walked across the street, side by side, to the back of the grammar school that stood there. As we walked, in the intoxicated state we were in, we kept bumping into each other, our arms rubbing against each other, and my dick kept getting harder and harder so that it was visibly tenting my shorts. I cared so little that I began rubbing it through my shorts and when Justin saw, he just grinned and started doing the same thing. He led me into a doorway of the school, where we couldn't really be seen and pushed me up against the wall. With his hands on my hips, pinning me to the wall, he put his lips against mine and forcefully stuck his tongue in my mouth I nearly creamed my pants then, as my tongue entered h s mouth and we kissed briefly for maybe less then a minute. His dick was incredibly hard and was poking right into my leg. As we kissed, he began pushing it harderand harder into my leg until I broke from the kiss and started unbuttoning his shorts."Faster," he urged me, as I got down on my knees and pulled down both his shorts and boxers and his hard cock sprung up into the air. It was perfectly shaped, cut, and about 6 1/2 inches long, rising from that perfect patch of pubic hair and above two low hanging balls that my hand immediately shot out toward and began massaging. "My ass first," he said, turning around and sticking his butt into the air. With both hands I spread his cheeks, revealing his puckered hole and a light trailing of the same light brown hair up and down his crack.I immediately brought my head forward and pressed my face into his crack, inhaling his musky, sweaty scent, and sticking my tongue out, circling his hole with it, up down, all around, until my tongue made contact and he let out a low guttural moan and I pushed my tongue in as far as it would go. As I fucked him with my tongue, I unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard 7 inch cock and began stroking it like a madman.Abruptly, Justin turned around and forcefully pressed his dick into my mouth. One hand rubbing his stomach and the other on the back of my hand, he began the instinctual thrusting motion. His dick felt amazing in my mouth, so soft and hot and hard filling the insides of me to the maximum, its taste so pungent but wonderful at the same time.My hands were on his smooth ass and I bobbed my head up and down his dick, my face at one instant buried in his patch of pubic hair with his balls scratching my chin, and at the next instant at the very tip of his dick, my tongue doing circles around the head, tantalizing his piss slit. His motions became rougher and his balls began slapping against my chin as I tasted that most wonderful taste of what could only be his precum leaking from his dick. That only made me move faster, thinking of the glorious reward that awaited me and was only moments away.As his motions increased, so too did the moans escaping his lips. I looked up at his angelic face and upon it was an expression of absolute bliss, his eyes closed, and his lips moist. My fingers begin encircling his hole and as I slipped one finger into his hot, moist insides, wishing I could replace my finger with my dick, Justin's moans turned into grunts and he pushed his dick harder into my mouth, pulling the back of my head as close to his body as possible.My motions became manic as my head bobbed wildly and my tongue encircled every inch of his hard teenage dick. He pulled my head off his dick and merely grunted, Balls, which was instruction enough for me as I took one of his balls into my mouth, rolling it around, while at the same time I pushed my index finger farther into his ass, meeting no resistance at all. As I licked his other ball, feeling a sparse hair or two on my tongue, I beganfucking his ss with my finger, in and out, feeling as Justin bucked his ass against it, obviously loving the feeling.After a couple minutes of lapping at his balls, he grabbed his cock and once more forced it into my mouth, fucking my face more wildly than before. I merely kept my head still as he thrust in and out of my mouth. However, I did insert another finger into his ass and continued pushing them in and out, feeling his moist insides.Soon his grunts turned into near yells and I felt a gush of his hot cum enter my mouth, it's tangy flavor only hitting my tongue momentarily before I swallowed it. One jet of his cum was followed by what must have been at least 8 hard, teenage shots more, all neatly swallowed down my throat.As his orgasm subsided and he stopped thrusting into my mouth, he began breathing heavily and opened his eyes, looking down at me. My dick, still hard, was in my hands again, and as I continued jerking it wildly, I kept his softening dick in my mouth, loving how I was able to feel it go from complete hardness to only semi hardness, and how it was still so hot and soft to my tongue, and how wonderful it felt to just have it in my mouth. My fingers remained in his ass too, and Justin continued pushing his ass against them.Moments later my dick was spewing my own cum on the ground between Justin's legs as I continued nursing his now half hard dick. Justin just continued rubbing my head until my own orgasm was complete and I released his dick from my mouth.I stood up and he grinned at me like always, and I just smiled sheepishly, not sure what to say, still drunk, but definitely sobered up by the experience. Our dicks were still hanging outside our shorts and we both had our hands on them, slowly fondling ourselves for no reason at all. "Dude, I gotta piss again," he told me, grinning again. I just nodded in agreement, ready to follow him to some bushes, but instead he just turned to the doors and with a slight wink at me began pissing all over the glass windows and metal casing of the double doors. I started laughing as I let out my own stream and did the same thing. We were having a hell of a time, laughing, and pissing all over the doors, not even caring that a lot of the piss was splashing back onto our clothes or the fact that we were standing in a puddle of our own urine. We just kept giggling, waving our dicks around, forcing our streams into different directions until our bladders both emptied.When we were finished we both promptly put our dicks away and started walking back to the party, talking about some asshole customer from the night before. I felt great and so did Justin and everything was just alright. We were merely coworkers again, and though we didn't discuss it, or anything at all, we both knew it, and to me, that was just fine.

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