Thursday, October 18, 2007

What the fuck Brad," Josh yells as he walks in the door after work."What's wrong," I ask him."I come home from a long hard day of work to a fucking pig sty," hescreams."The place isn't that bad, I was in the middle of cleaning when you decidedto come in acting like a god damn fool," I yell back.He goes down the hall into the bedroom and slams the door. I followbriskly behind."Don't be slamming the mother fucking door," I yell, "do you want all thedamn neighbors to hear you? What is your problem?""I am not in the mood," he responds."I am not in to mood to put up with you," I said as I walked over to thedresser and picked up my keys."Where are you going," he asked me."Somewhere far away from you," I snapped.I walked out of the apartment, down the stairs and into my car and droveout of the complex. I just needed to get away from him.I am about 5'8" tall with a slender build. My hair is sandy blond and Ihave brown eyes. Josh is the same height as I am with a slightly stockierbuild and brown hair and blue eyes.I drove for a few minutes until I reached my best friend Kevin's house. Iwalked up to his door and rang the bell. Kevin opened the door wearingnothing but a pair of black basketball shorts. Kevin was your classicchiseled All American. He had blond hair and emerald green eyes. Hewrapped his arms around me and hugged me."What happened," he asked me."Josh and I got in a fight," I responded.I followed him inside and we sat on his sofa. I laid my head on his barechest and started bawling."It will be okay," he said to me as he kissed me on the forhead.I soon fell asleep crying on his chest. A few hours later, I woke up.Apparently Kevin stripped me down to my black boxer-briefs and covered meup with a blanket on the sofa. I seriously had to pee. I had to walkthrough Kevin's bedroom to get to the bathroom. I slowly opened up thebedroom door and saw Kevin asleep on his bed. I discovered he likessleeping in the buff. He was sleeping in the buff and I caught a view ofhis muscular back and bubble butt.I went into the bathroom and shut the door. I didn't lock it because Kevinwas asleep and I was sure he could see the light when he got up. After Iwent to the bathroom, I saw that he had a big jacuzzi tub. I decided thatI would take a soak so I took off my boxer-briefs and filled the tub withhot water and turned on the jets then filled it with lilly scented bubblebath. I got in and noticed he had a stereo by the tub. I picked up theheadphones and put them on and pressed play.While I was soaking with my eyes closed, listening to Nina Gordon, I didn'thear the door open. I suddenly felt movement in the water, I felt a footbrush mine. I opened my eyes and saw Kevin in the tub with me."I thought I would join you for a soak," he said with a smile.He moved over by me and wrapped his arm around me. I laid my head on hisshoulder. I just needed to be held. I knew what I was doing was cheating,but I didn't care. At this moment in time, I was being loved. We stayedlike this for a good thirty minutes, him holding me and caressing mychest. We would kiss every so often. Suddenly, I realized that yes I amenjoying this moment, on the other hand I know that I cannot feel anythingfor this man but friendship."Kevin, I love you," I said."I love you too," he said, "in fact..."I interrupted him."I love you as my friend. Not just my friend, my best friend," I continued,"We have so much in common and you are a very sexy man, but I don't think Icould ever love you like that. Do you understand? I don't want to hurt you,it's just that you are so important to me."A little while later, we got out of the tub. I borrowed Kevin's NinaGordon CD and I headed home after getting dressed. I was in the carlistening to track number three, "Tonight and the Rest of My Life," I thenrealized that I do not feel this way about Josh. I couldn't see myselfspending the rest of tonight with him, let alone the rest of my life.I pulled out my cell phone and called Kevin."Hello," he answered."Hi Kevin it's me, can I ask you something," I asked."Shoot," he responded."Can I stay with you for a while," I asked him."Sure thing, as long as you need! What's up," he asked."I have decided that tonight I am going to leave Josh," I responded.We ended our conversation when I entered the gate of the apartment complex.I parked my car in the nearest parking space I could find and went upstairsand opened the door. I opened the door and Josh was standing in the middleof the living room."Where the fuck were you," he asked."Out," I responded."So who was fucking you," he asked. He moved up close me and sniffed."I was fucking no one," I yelled back."Then why do you smell like bubble bath," he asked."I went to Kevin's," and before I could continue, he cut me off."So you were being fucked by Kevin," he yelled."No, I was upset so I took a bath to calm down," I responded, "get out ofmy way!"He followed me down the hall where I emptied my side of the closet and mydrawer into three separate suitcases."Where are you going," he asked."None of your concern," I snapped back.He grabbed my shoulders roughly."Let go of me," I yelled.He formed a fist with his right hand and swung at me. I blocked him withmy left fist them punched him in the stomach then kneed him in the groin.While he was hunched over, I picked up my bags and left. I didn't havemuch to take since almost everything in the apartment belonged to him.The next day, while Kevin and I were playing videogames, Josh called mycellphone."Please come back," he said."It's over, get it through your fucking dense skull," I screamed."I know I can't promise you perfection. I can't promise you all goodtimes, but I can promise you my love," he said."I am sorry but that and a buck-fifty will buy me a cup of coffee," I saidas I hung up.The next week, Kevin and I went downtown to see "Sister Mary IgnatiusExplains it All".We had second row seats. The play was really funny, but what caught myattention was the actor playing Thomas. He was the most beautiful man Ihad ever seen. He was 6'2" with brown hair and green eyes. His eyes had acertain spark to them that kept you glued to them. With him, the old adageis true, his eyes were the window to his soul. He was fairly thin. Ilooked at my play bill and saw his name was Evan Kieth. I was in love atfirst sight.After the show, we ate at the restaurant on the third floor of the theatrebuilding. Kevin ordered a Salmon Nicoise Salad and I had a fillet mignon.While we were eating and talking, I felt a light tap on my shoulder. Iquickly turned around and saw that it was Evan from the play."Hi my name is Evan," he introduced himself nervously and extended hishand."I'm Brad," I responded as I shook his hand. We invited him to sit at ourtable. We ate, drank and laughed.After dinner, Kevin went home. I went back to Evan's place with him wherewe stayed up and talked and laid in his bed."Want to know what I'm in the mood for," he suddenly asked."I usually don't do that on the first date," I responded, as I looked intohis sparkling eyes."No not that!," he responded."What am I not attractive," I asked in jest."I usually want to get to know someone before I sleep with him," Evan saidpoint blank."Well, what are you in the mood for then," I asked.He got out of bed and opened up his entertainment center and pulled out hisX-Box. We played "Grand Theft Auto" into the wee hours of the morning,where we fell asleep side by side on the floor.When we finally awoke like around 2:00 PM, we looked into eachother's eyesand kissed long and slow."This is the best first date ever," I said to him as I kissed him again."I really want to make love, if you don't mind," he suggested. I instantlygot up and chunked my clothes off as quickly as possible. He soon followedsuit.He was not very muscualar, but he was very lean and taught. He was sobeautiful. His soft skin reminded me of buttermilk and had a very lightdusting of brown hair across his pecks and a happy trail that began at hisnavel and lead down to his "manicured" pubes. He was really hung, about 9"and cut. His legs were thin and fairly hairy.I immediately dropped to my knees and started stroking him. I then tookthe head in my mouth and licked around the rim and back to the tip. Hisbeautiful eyes were fluttering as I was doing this. As I was sucking, Iwas kneading his firm ass. I rubbed my finger in circular motions on hispuckering hole as I deep throated him.He soon lifted me up and carried me in his arms to the bed and laid me onmy back. I sucked him as he rimmed me. He then got up and laid on top ofme and slowly slid his dick into me. He started to fuck me slow at firstand then he sped up his pace. I was bucking against him to meet hispace. After about 30 minutes, I came and then a minute later he came.Two weeks later I moved in with him. A year later we had a commitmentceremony is Aspen. Now we live together in Malibu in a beachhouse with ouradopted daughter Annisa. Evan is a big movie star raking in about $20million per picture and my fashion line is about to launch in the fall.So far, Evan has been able to deliver everything that Josh couldn't evenpromise.~The End~

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