Tuesday, October 9, 2007

josh and my friend

During the holidays me and 2 friends decided to go camping in themountains. None of us were gay until after the trip. I am 18 and have amuscular build like both my friends. We all work out in the gym togetherand that means we all have six packs. I am 6 foot and my 2 friends are abit bigger. Anyway, back to the story.We packed our things and left at about 11 in the morning and ourdestination was the rocky mountains. It was winter and we were going up therefor a week in 2 2man tents. The trip up was fun. We talked about pastgirlfriends and stuff like that. When we reached our destination we gotout of the car into the soft snow. It was very cold. We were in acamping ground and it was almost deserted except for about 3 other groups.It was only 3 so we decieded to go for a walk. We walked around thecamp site to a place where you could go on many walks. We started out onone of the shorter ones and reflected on old times.When we got back to the camp site we set up both tents. I slept in onewith the supplies while my friends were in the other. Late that night, the wind started to pick up and the tent I was in (avery old one that had a few holes in it) fell apart. It was so late so Ijust went and slept in the van.The next day I woke with my friends knocking on the window of the car.I opened the door and told them about the night before. The seemed verytired and I couldn't help but wonder why.We went skiing today on the slopes. It was fun, even though it wasbelow frezzing. As we went down the mountain a 5th time, one of my friends,Josh fell over and fell out of sight. Brad and I went looking for himand found him behind a rock, hurt. We asked if he was ok and he said hewas. Brad and I bent down beside him and Brad said I should find help.I went off for a while but found no one. When I returned I found Bradsucking on Josh's 7inch cock.I was shocked and they tried to cover it up. I asked them why were theyso tired think of what they might have done the night before. Theyadmmitted to have gay sex and said that they did it only because they werevery cold. I wished I could have joined in. I have been out with a fewgirls but I look at gay porn on the internet. I would have loved totry it out but never had the guts to try.Brad and Josh were really embarrassed and we set of to the camp site.We hopped in the van my mom had lent me and we started off to teh campsite. We were 10minutes away when the car just stopped in the snow. Itwas getting late and we decided to just sleep in the car for the night.We put our ski gear in the front and pushed the seats back like a giantbed. Brad needed to piss so he went outside.I looked at Josh and said: "Have you ever had gay sex before?"He said: "Only last night because I wanted to try it. "I asked him: "What does it feel like?""Whold you like me to tell you or would you like a demonstration? "I was taken back by this question and just said nothing. Josh movedcloser and started to take off his ski jaket when Brad came back into thevan. He saw what was going on and looked as if he wanted to join in.Josh moved even closer and toke off his jumper and t-shirt exposing hismuscular chest. He kissed me on the cheeked and I pulled away."What's wrong?" he asked"Nothing" I lied. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this. Josh was myfriend."Just relax" came Brads voice behind josh. Brad was getting undressedand pulled a pack of condoms from his jacket. Josh kissed my lips. I thought it was going to be bad but it feltgreat. I started to kiss him back. My cock started to twich in my pants asJosh undressed me. Snow now covered the car and Brad, now fully nakedput the light inside the car on. Josh pushed me to the outstreached seat and made me lay on my back.Everyone was now naked and josh slowly started to suck my cock. It feltgreat. He slowly go faster and harder and I my 9inch cock was swelled tothe max. I closed my eyes and opened them to find brads dick in myface. He shoved it into my mouth and started to fuck it. It was like hewanted me to take all eight inches of it into my mouth.After 5 minutes of intense sucking by Josh and me, I let me loads go in6 bursts all over my chest and Brads back. Joshed pulled away justbefore I let it go to put on a condom. The next moment I felt 2 things.Brad let his load go into my mouth and I drank down every drop and at thesame time I felt something painful slide into my ass. I screamed butno sound came out because of brads cock. He withdrew his dick from mymouth and started to move to josh. Josh started to pound my ass. I was onthe set laying down while josh was between the front seat and theback. He got up but didn't withdraw his dick and he asked me to move futhertowards the back of the car. I did and he moved forward. then helifted my legs over his shoulders and pressed his body with mine. He startedto thrust again and because our bodies were touching my dick feltliked it was being wanked by a six pack. I wrapped my arms around Josh andlet him do all the work. The windows were fogging up and we were bothsweeting. I felt more weight on me as Brad grasped my shoulders frombehind josh and started to do Josh up the ass. This went on for 10 minutesbefore I felt Josh's cock swell and let his load go in the condom. Afew seconds later I cummed between josh and me, then brad moaned as herelaxed after he let his go into the condom he was wearing. Brad hoppedoff Josh and toke off the condom before turnning it upside down on myabs as josh got off. Josh did the same and they both started to mix ourcum around on my torso. I became slimy as they spread the cum over asmuch of my body as they could. I saw the open pack of condoms to my leftand grabbed one. I lubbed by dick with the cum on my body and put inon. Josh Layed down on his stomach next to me and I got up and insertedmy dick into his ass. It wasn't tight after Brad the night before. Iput my arms either side of Josh's shoulders to keep my weight off. As Istarted to thrust a mixture of cum and sweat dripped off my body ontohis. I felt Brad enter me and hold onto the arm holder things on the roofnear the door. He didn't trust because I was trusting very hard andfast and if he started then his dick might slip out. Josh was panting aswas everyone and I felt as if I was going to faint. But I kept onthrusting. Josh moaned as he cummed under. I felt cum running up to the tipof my dick so I withdrew and pulled off the condom before cumming overjosh's back. I lay on my stomach beside him as Brad wanked to let hisload go over both of us. We all layed their breathing hard, sweating inthe van.I woke the next morning with a queer felling all over my body from thedried cum. Josh was still asleep but Brad leaned over and tried to likesome of the cum off me. I layed back down as Brad got on his hands andknees and started licking my body. This went on for a while beforeBrad and I decided to get the car running. Brad found out that we had no oil after getting dressed and inspectingthe car. We filled the van up with oil and started to drive back to thecamp site. The vam smelt of a mixture of cum and sweat. By the time wegot back to the camp site, after Brad and I reflected on what happenedthe night before it was 10. Josh was still asleep and I couldunderstand why! My muscles were aching all over from using them the nightbefore and by the looks of it same with Brad. Brad climbed into the backseat and kissed Josh on his stomach. He woke up and said "Thanks!" to bradand me before getting dressed. We tidied up the van and cleaned it anddecided that the van was never to be used like that again because ofthe clean up job.We finished cleaning up the van at 2 and decided to go have a shower atthe toilet/shower/ cooking block. We talked about how much fun thenight before was and how Josh being hurt was to get me away so that hecould get a blowjob. Josh asked if we wanted to do it again and Brad said:"We still have 4 more days!"The shower section was open with about 8 showers so we could talk, lookat eachothers bodies, and still have different showers. We were allnaked and the camp site was now empty. We were just washing ourselveswhen Josh said: "Want to have a wanking contest, the forst to cum wins?"Brad and I agreed. I sat on the tiles and Josh and Brad followed. Joshsais "ready, set, go!"I started slow and got faster and faster. Within a minute my dick wasfully erect, so was Josh's and Brad's. I pumped faster and faster using2 hands. Josh's 8inch cock was swelling and he cummed. There was somuch! I looked at it then my 9inch let go a load. Finally Brad's justunder 9 inch cummed. We all leant back against the wall breathing heavily.This was the best holiday ever and it still had 4 days to go. After the shower we had a very late breakfast and lunch. We lit a fireand sat around it in the snow. At 9 we decided to go to bed. We all hadto fit in the 2 man tent. I felt okay with this because Josh, Brad andI had gottern so close! We had 3 sleeping bags that we each unzippedand spread over the top of us.After 10minutes of trying to sleep, Brad said: "I need to be warmedup".i agreed, it was very cold. Then came Josh's voice: "Want to do it?"then Brad and I at the same time said "yes". Brad was in the middle and Irolled over and started to kiss him. Josh was under the covers suckingBrad off at the same time. My dick was now fully erect and I wanted todo something with it. Josh was moving up Brad's body kissing andundressing him. I got undressed and put on a condom and inserted my cockinto Brad's ass. I held onto his legs for support and was on my knees. Istarted to trust and Brad moaned. At that moment Josh said: "I'll beback" and left. I just kept pumping. I cummed and pulled my dick out. Bradsat up and I layed down. he was up against the back of the tent and Istarted to jerk him off. then I put his dick into my mouth while stilljerking him off. He moaned in pleasure. Then I lifted my head up andkissed him. We decided to stop because we were still very tired and weheld eachother, our hot bodies touching and feel asleep.The next morning I woke to find josh and brad fucking eachother. Theystopped and I asked josh where he went the night before. He said that hewent and rang up one of his friends who was a gay and asked him tocome to the mountains with his boyfriend for a five ways. He said thatthey are looking forward to it."When are they comming?" asked brad."Today" Josh replied.John and his boyfriend arrived at 5 in the afternoon. We all sat arounda fire and talked. No one wanted to start the 5 way but everyonewanted to do it.They brought a 6 man tent with them and all the supplies went in the 2man. Mark and John went to bed first. Josh, Brad, and I, dissapointedheaded towards the tent. When we entered we saw Mark and John fucking!They asked us to join and we did. Mark and John were amazed at the sizeof our dicks. Brad layed on his back and I inserted my hard dick into him. His legswere around my back and allowed me to lean right down and kiss him. NextJosh entered me and layed on my back, Mark and john followed suit. Wewere having a 5 way ass fuck! It felt so cool. The air was full ofsweat before we all let our load go. Next we got Josh to lay on the groundand Mark asked him to wank, he did. The rest of us made a circle aroundhim, all of us on our knees and we started to jerk off. One by one wecummed all over josh. After doing this to almost everyone. Mark andBrad layed on the floor and asked 2 people to sit on their hard cocks. Iwent and sat on brads and Josh sat on marks. Josh and I kissed whileMark and Brad did the same. John innterupted them and shoved his dick intoBrads mouth and kissed Mark. We did many different things over thatnight and through the rest of the week. Josh, Brad, and I still have alot of fun!
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