Tuesday, October 9, 2007

my friend's story

We all came back to the locker room covered in sweat, as we always didfrom a late August cross-country practice. I had joined the teambecause it was tough to move schools before your junior year in highschool, I figured it would be a good way to meet some friends, keep inshape, and of course check out some guys. I was walking in with Nickand on our way into the locker room the coach gave the quick usual peptalk and sent us off to the showers."Jakob, wait a sec, I wanted to have a word with you," said coachTaylor."Sure, no problem," I replied, wondering what was up."Just wanted to tell you that you have been doing a great job so far, Iguess they really know how to raise runners in Texas. It's great tohave you join the team, keep up the good work," said the coach as hepatted me on the back.I told him the obligatory thank you and hurried to catch up to the restof the guys. Showering after practice was a major motivator for me tojoin the team in the first place, all those young runner boys withtoned bodies to watch. The team was filled with hotties and I hadalready become acquainted with a couple of them, but the one thatreally caught my eye was Nick. I saw him head off to the showers behindthe other guys, he had slowed down a bit I think to wait for me. Weoften ran together, with the long runs during practice a good time forus to talk one on one and we quickly became close. It was awesome towatch his smooth tan body as we ran, and I quickly realized I wasfalling hard for this guy."Hey Jakob what did coach want?" asked Nick." Oh, uh he just wanted to make sure I had all my forms in from myother school and stuff, " I said, not wanting to sound conceited."Cool. Hey me and Paul were goin' to head out to my beach cabin tonightto stay a couple nights and head back late Sunday night to make morningpractice on Monday, I got my older sister to guy us some vodka and rumand stuff, so it should be fun if you want to come..." said Nick." Yeah, that would be tight, I just need to ask my mom and stuff, butit should be cool," I replied, trying to hide the excitement in myvoice."Sweet, well I'll take you home after practice and you can ask herthen, but lets hurry up and shower and stuff so we can get out there,its like an hour drive," said Nick.By the time we got to the showers most of the guys were alreadydressing or finishing up. Nick and I stripped down to our Bike Swimmersjocks at our lockers and headed to the big shower. We had showeredtogether lots of times before but this time it seemed different, maybeit was just the excitement of the beach house. I turned on the waterand Nick picked the shower right next to mine. I took off my jock and Iwaited for the water to heat up, releasing my semi-soft cock. I alwaysgot kind of hard before a shower, I guess it was just all the hot guyson the team that did it to me, but you couldn't really notice, justlooked a little bit bigger, which isn't a bad thing.The water got warm and I stepped under the stream of water, it felt sogood after a long practice. I closed my eyes and I let the water rundown over my 6'2" frame. I had a decent build at about 175 lbs verytoned and defined, but not quite as big as Nick's muscles. I rinsed myshort brown hair, it still had some gel in it from the spiky way I wearmy hair, and continued to soap up the rest of my body, running my handsover my smooth torso and tight abs, completely hairless except for asmall patch of pubic hair I kept above my cock. The water ran off theend of my cock and down my smooth sack all the way over my tan runner'slegs. I was washing myself off extra good, in case I went to the beachwith Nick I wanted to be clean, I mean, I could get lucky, right? Ispent extra time soaping my ass, which I think is my best feature.Maybe its good genes or all the running and swimming I do, but I have anice firm bubble butt. It's a shame I'm the only one who has playedwith it, and believe me, I love to play with it. As I was rinsing mytight ass and soaping up my awesome hole I glanced over at Nick, who tomy surprise was looking right back at me, focused on my ass. We lockedeyes for a brief second but felt like an eternity. I broke the awkwardmoment, and I could feel my cock starting to rise as I looked back atNick.He was 17 like me, and man was he hot. He was the kind of guy thateveryone checked out, even straight guys, I swear. Nick was a littleshorter than me at about 5'11" but the rest of him was so good I didn'teven notice. He was about 165lbs and toned muscle, I swear if he wasn'trunning or swimming for school he was down at the gym or playingsoccer. His legs were amazingly beautiful; I didn't know a guy couldhave sexy legs like that. They were buff from all the running and tanfrom being outside and just enough hair to know he is manly but sosmooth you could lick them. Those sexy legs attached to a smooth and defined torso with a hairlesssix-pack that was only exaggerated by his perfectly firm pecs. Everytime we would run shirtless it was hard to keep from getting a hard-onin my jock. I don't know what it was, it wasn't just that he wasphysically stunning, but he had a charisma about him that attractedpeople to him, especially me. I finished my shower and grabbed a towel and started drying off, withmy eyes never leaving view of Nick's gorgeous body. He had his back tome and I got a great view of his smooth ass as he washed his body. Heleaned down to wash his hot legs and I got a great look at his smoothasshole, it looked so good I just wanted to run my tongue over it andtaste him. I was quickly getting hard and Nick turned around showing off hisprize-winning package. He was trimmed and shaved like me, with just apatch of hair above his cock. I saw his big hairless balls swing in thewarm water, with a great cock a little bigger than mine that I guessedwas about 7.5" when he was hard. We had talked about shaving before, itwas a habit we had both picked up from being on swim teams and I guessit stuck. It was one of the reasons we become close so quickly, it waslike an opening line we both joked about. I must have been standing there for a while staring at Nick in theshower because I could feel a little precum on the tip of my cut cock." Looks like you are enjoying what you see Jakob," Nick said with alittle bit of sarcasm in his voice as he glanced down at my crotch.I immediately realized my almost completely hard dick was in view andcovered it up like I was drying off. "Oh yeah Nick, like I didn't seeyou checking my ass out in the shower a minute ago," I snapped backwith equal sarcasm in my voice, trying to cover up my almost obviouscrush for Nick. Nick just looked at me and flashed that famous white smile of his andkind of gave me a wink like something was up. It was strange, but Ididn't feel embarrassed anymore. Nick got out of the shower and we finished drying off and got dressedand ready to head home. He gave me a ride home in his red 98' ToyotaTacoma truck that I loved; it just matched his style and personality sowell. "Ok Jakob, call my cell only if you aren't going with us tonight,otherwise I'll pick you up in a half hour," Nick said as he pulled inthe driveway."Ok, I'm sure my mom will let me, see you in a bit," I replied as Ihurried into my house to pack my overnight bag. I asked my mom if it was all right if I went, and thank god she saidyes, I would have died. I went upstairs to my bedroom to pack for thefun trip. I got my bag ready with all the essentials, plus a little extracologne to smell extra sexy for Nick. I sprayed some of the Polo Sportjust before I threw it in the bag. Just as I was zipping up the bag Iheard the rumble of Nick's truck in the driveway. I ran downstairs andshouted goodbye to my mom as I headed out the door to the truck. "What's up Boi," Nick said as I opened the door. "Just throw yourstuff in the back there, lets get goin." I got in truck and he had the radio blasting some awesome techno musicthat we both liked to run to. The windows were down, the music was up,we were on the road, this was awesome. Even if I didn't get my crush, Iwas having the time of my life. We kept driving and when we had gottenout of town I asked about Paul. "Where are we picking up Paul?" I asked. "Oh I meant to tell you, he just called and told me he couldn't makeit, some family obligation or some bullshit, so it looks like its goingto be you and me if that's cool with you... Nick said hesitantly. "Oh, uh, yeah that's totally cool, more booze for us," I laughed,trying to hide my excitement. A cabin alone with the hottest guy Iknow, I thought I died and went to heaven. We had a blast on our drive, singing along with the radio and jokingback and forth. It was only about an hour more and we were pulling upto the driveway. The sun was just about to set when we parked. Thebeach house looked cool, right on the water with a sweet view, and theneighbors far enough to way to turn up the music. We unloaded the truck, putting our stash of liquor in the kitchen. "Just put your bags in the bedroom at the end of the hall," Nick said. I walked into the bedroom I had been instructed to, and opened thedoor to see an amazing room, with a beautiful tall king bed, a bigmirror, rich fabrics, not to mention an amazing view. This wasobviously the master bedroom. As I was putting down the bags Nick cameup behind me and tackled me to the floor."Hey, what are you doing," I yelled at him as I wrestled him back. "I'm just havin' some fun stud, Nick said to me with a wink as hegrabbed my ass. "Damn, Nick, you are frisky tonight and we haven't even starteddrinking!," I laughed at him, as I slapped his hot ass right backflirtatiously, but trying to not seem obvious. It felt just as awesomeas it looked, firm and toned. "So where is my room?" I asked Nick. "You're in it you dork, I figured we should just share this one, ithas a huge bed plus a sweet view that way we don't have to clean tworooms before we leave," Nick said. Hell, I didn't care what his excusewas; I was just pumped to be sleeping in the same bed as this chiseledhottie. "Well cool, this is a really nice beach house, this should be a funlittle weekend," I said, kind of winking at him. "Yeah, well let's grab some food and start the party," Nick said as hepulled me to the kitchen. Nick made some sandwiches for dinner for us while I mixed up some ofmy specialty cocktails, my awesome (but very strong) Lemon Drops Ilearned how to make from being a busboy at the restaurant in town. Wejust kicked back and relaxed, played some videogames, and by the timeNick suggested a movie, we both were nearing a healthy buzz. "Well what do you want to watch, I brought Cruel Intentions, BoogieNights and some porn, its up to you," Nick said with a smile. "Ooo, what kind of porn?" I asked in a joking tone. "Well, you will just have to wait and find out, I promise its goodstuff though," Nick said. "Well why don't we start out with Boogie Nights since its about pornanyways," I suggested, didn't want to seem too interested in the porn,even though I would love to just jerk off with Nick. "Cool, plus we'll get to see Mark Walhberg and his 12" cock," Nicksaid with confidence. "Yeah," I said with a chuckle. I couldn't believe this, was this guyreally coming onto me, or was this just a fantasy? Whatever it was, Iwas loving it. Nick and I walked from the living room into the bedroom to watch themovie; there was a DVD player in the master bedroom where we had putour things. He put the movie in the player and we went and lounged onthe big comfy bed together. We were both nice and relaxed after thedrinks, and the movie was starting to get a little steamy. I may beinto guys, but straight sex still turns me on so the clips of the guyson girls were getting me pretty turned on, not to mention me in thesame bed as Nick! "Damn, this movie is pretty hot, do you mind if I get a little morecomfortable? " Nick asked me. "Uh, no, not at all, its cool, I think I will too actually," Ireplied. So there we were, both getting "more comfortable" . Nick jumpedoff the bed and ripped off his shirt to reveal his smooth and definedchest. I just followed his lead and took off my shirt. "Looking good there Jakob, have you been working out?" Nick asked me. "Yeah a little bit," I said with a smile. "Same to you man, yourstomach looks awesome." "Thanks, man I don't know if its these drinks you're making or themovie or what, but I am totally turned on," Nick said as he pulled offhis jeans, revealing his bulging erection through a hot pair of CalvinKlein boxer briefs. "Yeah, I can see that Nick," I said as I laughed and stared at hishuge dick through his tight underwear. "Well buddy don't leave me hanging here, are you going to get down toyour underwear or not?" Nick asked me with a smile. "Oh, yeah, sorry, I was just, uh..." I stumbled over my words as Nickcame over and pulled my pants down for me. I was totally shocked."Nick!" I yelled at him. There I was, in my boxers with a boner thesize of Texas. "Come on, let's finish the movie," Nick said as he climbed back ontothe bed in only his underwear. I stood there for a second just lookingat him, admiring his toned and smooth body. "Are you gonna lay down orwhat?" Nick asked me. I snapped out of my trance and laid down on the bed with him. Themovie was still pretty hot and so were we, since both of us weresporting boners. "Hey Jakob, why don't you go get us one more round?" Nick suggestedwith his now infamous wink. "Sure," I said as I grabbed our cocktail glasses and went to thekitchen to mix more drinks. I made more lemon drops for each of us,finishing off the last of the Citron, and walked back into the bedroomwith my hard dick swinging obviously in my boxers with cocktails inhand."Did I miss any good sex scenes or anything?" I asked with a laugh."Only the best shot of Walhberg's monster cock!" Nick said. "But don'tworry, I cued it back up so you wouldn't miss it." I handed Nick his drink as I slipped back into bed with the hottestkid I knew."I propose a toast," Nick said. "To 12 inch dicks!"I repeated the toast and we both were laughing hysterically. When thetoast was over and the laughing stopped I found Nick to be even closerto me in the bed than before. We both had a hefty slurp of the cocktailand I looked back to try to focus on the movie, but before I could evenglance back at the screen I felt Nick reaching over rubbing my hardcock through my boxers. Before I even had time to think about how everyfantasy I ever had was coming true, I reacted right back as I movedtowards him on the bed, rubbing his thick rod through his boxerbriefs.It was like an instinct, his cock just felt so natural in my hand. "You don't know how long I've wanted to do this Jakob, I've beenwanting this since you first moved," Nick said as we both continued tostroke each other. "Believe me, the feeling is more than mutual," I replied, tugging onhis boxerbriefs to get him fully naked. There he was, with his nakedbody laid out on the bed, and it was all mine! I could have cum justlooking at him like that. Now Nick wasn't the first guy I've done stuffwith, I fucked with a few guys back in my home town, so I had someexperience, but I never felt this way about them. I slipped off myboxers and lay on top of him, rubbing our naked bodies together as wekissed. It felt so right to be there with Nick, just kissing him,feeling his embrace. "Oh, god, Jakob, Nick panted, you are sooo hot!" He then aggressivelyflipped me over with him on top, me with my back on the bed. He kissedmy neck, working his way south on my smooth body. Spending extra timeon my nipples he would gently bite them and suck on them, it wasdriving me wild! "Mmmm, that feels good," I told him as he continued his way down mybody. He gripped my hard dick and breathed heavily as he put his warmwet lips to the head. He slowly put my cock in his mouth, graduallyworking all seven inches of my manhood in his mouth. This was obviouslynot his first time sucking dick; he was a pro. It felt so good havingmy dick sucked, I hadn't been blown in months, and it had been a fewdays since I last jacked, if he kept this up I knew I would cum forsure. I think he felt my cock throbbing or heard my increased moans,because he came up off my dick with a big grin on his face. "I don't want you to cum yet stud, we have the whole night together,"Nick said as I went for his dick, my mouth just finding it logically.His thick cock tasted so good, I could feel the slippery pre-cum on mytongue as I licked and sucked all over his shaft. "I can tell you'vedone this before, you suck so good," Nick said. I came up quickly andnodded, and replied, "You're a pro yourself." "Well, I have been with a few guys before," Nick confessed. I workedmy mouth down his shaft to his smooth sack, when I licked around hisballs and under his nuts. I lifted up his legs so I could access hisnice ass. I pushed his legs up towards him as I lay on my stomach at aperfect angle to get his hole; and what a hole it was. Nice and pink,his ass was perfect to lick, my tongue slid in with relative ease, Nickknew how to relax his ass. "Ohh that feels awesome Jakob, eat my ass,"Nick said as I dove deeper in face first onto his ass. After a few moreminutes of rimming his ass, Nick shifted around and then lifted me ontomy hands and knees. "I have to play with your ass too man, I've been watchin' that holefor a long time in the showers, I need to taste it," Nick said as hespread my cheeks wide to expose my ass as he licked it and stuck histongue deep in my inviting hole. It felt so good to have his tongueworking my ass; little did Nick know how much I loved to have my assplayed with. I am a total power bottom when I'm alone, I have my lube,my fingers, and I have even stashed a few nice thick toys I boughtonline that I love to use to work it; so when he slipped his wet fingerinto my hole I went wild. "Mmm that feels awesome man," I moaned as he slipped a second fingerinto my ass. "You have such a nice ass Jakob, the best I've ever seen, I could dothis for hours," Nick replied. "Hang on one sec babe," Nick said as heslowly pulled his fingers out of my ass and got up and went to his bag.He left my ass open and waiting to be filled again, as he came back Irecognized what he had grabbed. He had a nice bottle of lube, as hesquirted some on my asshole and some more on his fingers. "This willmake your ass feel nice," Nick said as he slipped his two fingers backinto my ass and massaged my dick with the other hand. I was moaningand having a great time and it looked like he was as well with his hardon throbbing and him smiling big as he slipped in a third finger intomy ass. This felt so good, only I had stretched my ass this much,sometimes when I'm really goin' at it at home before I know it I'llhave all five fingers in my ass, almost my whole hand, stretching meopen, so Nick knew how to make me happy, I was satisfied. "Man Jakob, I need to fuck you, you are just so...so perfect," Nick saidas he lubed up his gorgeous cock. I moved onto my back so I could look into see him, so I could lookinto his eyes as we made love. " I have been thinking about this for along time, I want you inside me," I said softly to Nick as he cametowards me and I lifted my legs for him to give him access to my ass.He stroked his lubed cock once more and put the head against my sweetass, looked right into my eyes, and slid his perfect dick inside mywaiting hole. "Oooh yeah, that feels so good Nick, I exclaimed, as his thick cockstretched my ass and thrusted in and out of me. "You feel so nice, Jakob, I could be inside you forever," Nick said ashe sped up his thrusting, pounding my ass, with each thrust I loved himmore. As he was sliding deeper and deeper with his bare cock inside me,I knew I couldn't last forever. I was known for cumming "hand's free",without touching my dick, so with my new love inside me I knew it wasgoing to be huge and fast. I pulled him out of me to change positions as I pushed his back ontothe bed, with his erect dick standing at full attention. I maneuveredover him, positioning my ass onto his cock and sat down quickly on hisdick. I'm more able to ride a cock fast and deep in the position, plusI was facing him so I was able to lean in and kiss him as we made love.I was riding his thick rod hard as I was watching his eyes kind of rollback and him clench his teeth, I could tell he was trying to hang onfrom cumming. "I want to feel your cum in my hole, Nick, I'm gettingpretty close," I said to him in a moan. "Mmm, damn, I love your boypussy on my dick," Nick said to me as hepulled all the way out and thrusted back into my waiting, gaping ass. "That drives me wild, fuck me!" I exclaimed. I could feel myselfsitting hard on his cock, watching him, just wanting to feel him insideall of me. I subconsciously picked up the pace of the thrusting andknew I was getting extremely close to blowing my load. Nick was fuckingmy ass so fast; I could feel my ass start to tense up and tingling inmy balls and cock. "Oooh God, mmmm!" I shouted. I was spraying mycreamy cum all over him, still riding his dick, shooting all the way tohis face and tons on his chest. It felt like I was orgasming for tenminutes straight; I finally caught my breath but was still ridingNick's cock instinctively and he had a look of determination on hisadorable face. I looked down and watched him lick my cum off his lipsand ran his fingers through the gobs of cum on his chest and bring thatto his mouth to eat. "Your cum is the best I've ever had," Nick said. I gave him a sweetsmile and thrusted back quickly on his dick. "Jakob, oh, God, I'm goingto cum!" Nick said as his breathing picked up. Just as he started tomoan loudly I could feel his cock pulsating inside me, His cum rushedinto my ass, I could feel my hole get sticky and smooth all at the sametime, it was the first time I had ever let a guy cum inside me withouta condom; it was amazing. His thrusting slowed to a stop and he pulledhis sticky cock from my ass, and made a move for my hole. Before I knewit he had his face buried in my ass, eating his jizz from my sloppyfucked ass. Man, did he love cum! "That's like desert, your ass and mycum!" Nick said with a smile. I grinned back at him as I fell to thebed, exhausted. We had fucked like porn stars; I was tired as hell. Hishead fell to the pillows with me, our eyes connected, and we leaned infor a kiss at the same time. I could taste some cum in his mouth, Iknew this was going to be something great in my life after such anunforgettable night. "Why don't we go get in the shower babe," Nick said."He called me babe! I love this guy!" I thought to myself. We both gotup, are dicks swinging, still semi-hard, as we walked to the shower."So who's dick is better, me or Dirk Diggler's?" Nick questioned mesarcastically. I just looked at him and smiled."I think you know the answer to that one, babe," I said. We walked offto the shower and he grabbed my hand, I couldn't wait to see whattomorrow night would be like.

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