Thursday, October 4, 2007

I first moved to Houston, Texas 10 years ago, immediately following high school to attend College. I had been a good athlete in High School, but had decided not to try out for the College teams. I had had enough of the "jock life" but I still enjoyed staying in shape and working out. The high from a good work out was still in my blood and after classes I would go to the gym at least 4 times a week.I was 6'1", 170lbs and carried it well. Although I had been in school for about a month I had not developed any fast friends and the fraternity life was not for me. Therefore, I would hang out with some of my dorm mates on occasion and was trying to find my way in this new big city and in these new surroundings in College. My school was an urban school, fairly close to downtown, therefore its size and culture were rather intimidating at times. But I plunged in head first and was trying to keep up with school and all the new social challeges. I had joined a gym close to the campus with full facilities.I had been going to a gym all summer and had worked out at the high school gym for years. However, the high school gym didn't have a whirlpool or a sauna, so for the past few months I had been spoiling myself after a work out to jump in either or both. In High School I had always been very shy about my body so the locker room was not a place for nudity. But the gym in Houston was another story. The guys there were mostly my age or much older, and most walked around in the lockerroom with nothing on. This was not only new for me, but a little intimidating.Therefore, I usually waited toward the end of the evening when I knew that my workouts would be long. That way I could spend time in the sauna without a bunch of guys watching me. Don't get me wrong, when I saw these guys naked it stirred a certain longing that I had never known before. Sex was no mystery to me. I had had sex with several girls in High School, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. But know I found myself getting semi hard at the sight of young athletic men having simple conversations about the Astros or Oilers while getting dressed.My cock is not monsterous like some of yours, but it can hold its own at 8.5" with moderate thickness. Women have been impressed and I was never teased in Junior High in gym class, but my size was never really a thought.So one day after a terrible day in western heritage class, I went to gym to blow off some steam. I arrived around 7 and this gym closed around 11. I worked out for an hour and did cardio for about 45 min. I even swam in the pool to cool down for half an hour. Needless to say when I got back into the lockerroom for the last time I was exhausted. I undressed in an empty lockerroom. So instead of wrapping a towel I stroled naked to the steam room to relax and unwind further. I sat in the far corner of the steam room. Now this steam room was huge and was in the shape of an "L". I sat in the corner that was away from the door, out of sight and closed my eyes thinking about the week ahead.About 10 min later I heard a couple of guys come into the room, whispering. The room's steam machine had just finished blowing in new steam and the room was filled from the floor to the ceiling with thick steam. I couldn't see anything. But then the lights went out.I wasn't concerned because the guys were laughing softly, so I thougtht this was either a practical joke or they were there closing down the gym for the night. I started to raise my voice to alert them that I was there, but then I heard something far different from laughing or conversation.Instead I heard small smacking sounds with pops and slurps. Then I heard the distinctive sound of a flat palm hitting flesh to make a loud pop, quickly followup with a muffled groan. I knew what was up now, but I was trapped. Those guys were within a few feet of the door and I was hidden behind bend in the room.I felt my cock start to rise and my heart started to beat faster. I carefully glanced around the corner, but the steam still was too thick to see anything. The moans were now louder. I could now hear squeaks along with them as it sounded like some sucking of something was going on. My Cock was at full attention and I felt the blood rush out of my head from the combination of the moment and the heat of the room. I was fully sweety before, but now I was postitively horny.I started to breath through my mouth to make sure that I was quiet. And then the steam started to disipate and I could see them. Both of them were young and relatively large. One was probably 6'3 while the other was 6'0. Both were probably early twenties, a few years older than I. I was transfixed. They were kissing facing each other with the taller one's arms around the shorter waist. Everyonce in a while he would bring his hand back and smack the shorter guy on the ass making a loud clap. The shorter guy enjoyed this punishment as he merely moaned. The shorter guys arms were around the taller's shoulders as they sucked each other's tongues and lips.The steam began to clear even more and I had to get a better vantage point. So I took a chance and sat at the far end of the room that still faced them. The room was so large that I was still more than 20 feet away, but I probably could have been doing a dance and they would not have seen me. Although the lights were still out, the lights from the locker room shown into the more than 30 foot room window.The taller guy was fairly exotic. He was probably around 200 lbs with perfectly proportioned muscles. He looked like the statues with the arms that look sculpted and the legs that could have come off a frog. His chest was extrordinarily broad with pecs that were smooth and powerful. His nipples were the size of large grapes as the shorter guy pulled away and began to suck on them one by one. The taller guy's head swayed from side to side as he received this pleasure. He had a goatie and a full head of what appeared to be black hair. The rest of his body was hairless. His skin was a light tan. From the sounds of the shorter guy it sounded like his name was Mike.The shorter guy was pale white, with blazing red hair. He appeared to be around 180 lbs with more of an athletic body. Where Mike was powerful, this guy was sleak but firm. His muscles were toned but not gigantic. From small glances when he would twist to get a better angle on Mike's nipple I could tell he had a hairy chest which sprawled out over his chest in a mushroom pattern and continued down his stomach in a trail. All of the sudden he bit Mike's nipple and Mike responded by flexing his hand on the shorter guys arms saying "Chad you know I hate that". Chad responded by saying " I was making sure you weren't falling asleep." Mike simply put his hands on Chad's shoulders and pushed him down in a not so subtle hint.Chad merely bend down as Mike stepped up on the stair and sat his firm cheeks on a towel. I then saw it. Mike's cock was stiff at attention. It was probably around 8" long and very thick. His head was larger than the shaft and was shiny from the wet room.Chad began to suck Mike's hairless balls as he groaned from the sensation. Mike's cock began to dance on his stomach and he placed his powerful hands on Chad's shoulders in an effort to direct traffic. But Chad would not be denied has he licked and sucked. He pulled back and let Mike's balls fall out of his mouth as he looked up at Mike's face. Mike looked down at him and told him "man you are killing me, suck my rod." Chad kissed the side of Mike's pole and made sucking sounds on the underside of his head. Mike was in pure bliss, but his frustration was starting to mound. He moved his hands up to Chads jaw and moved it up to the crown of his cock. He took a grip of his powerful tool and slapped Chad's face with it. Mike put his right hand behind Chad's neck and sank his penis into the willing hole in Chad's face. Chad repositioned himself on the floor. Moving another towel under his knees. His legs spread further apart as I could now see his ass spread appart and his ball dangling between his thighs.I was enthralled. I was seeing the biggest pair of balls ever on a man. His balls were easily the size of large eggs and they were covered in red and light colored hair. Up until this time I was merely watching. I had taken the towel I had been sitting on and tried to cover my lap in a vein attempt to kept my excitement from being obvious if they heard me. But seeing Chad's balls and his swallowing of Mike's cock made the towel worthless. It easily stood inches above my legs and there was no hiding my erection. Therefore I just slid it off to the side. I gripped my cock and squeezed trying to maintain merely a semi erection, but my cock was having none of it. My balls were now touching the hard step I was sitting on and my other hand scooped them up to give them the attention they were screaming for. I began to stroke but VERY slowly. I had to be quite. I didn't want to get my ass kicked, or worse I didn't want them to see me jacking off.Chad was an expert cock sucker. He positioned his throat so that it was a straight shot down for Mike's cock. He would deep throat Mike as if he was merely a mouth full and every once in a while he would hum. During this treatment Mike was in complete bliss. He had released his hand from Chad's throat and now was caressing his hair as his cock sought the depths of Chad's mouth. Chad then released Mike's cock and began to suck his balls again. Mike moaned in pure pleasure. Chad began to stroke Mike's cock with his hand as his mouth continued to suck and kiss Mike's balls. Every once in a while Chad's tongue would venture lower and press on Mike's beautiful ass cheeks. Mike gave in to this probing and lower his stance. Chad repositioned again grabing Mike's legs and throwing them over his shoulders. Mike's puckered hole was not visible as Chad began to lick and probe with his willing tongue. Mike continued to call out to him not to stop and to fuck his hole with his tongue. It was like he couldn't quite get a hold of himself. Chad continued to stroke Mike's cock, but I could tell Mike was getting close. Mike shrugged Chad's hand away from Mike's cock and sat back up. He had a look that was clear to Chad, but went unspoken. Chad grabbed Mike's balls and aggressively pulled down on his sack. Mike yelped in pain, but Chad again swallowed his cock.I was overwhelmed. I had never seen anything like this. Even the porn I had watched before was strictly vanilla straight porn. Same formula everytime, but this was aggressive, animalistic and passionate. Without even realizing it I was pulling on my sack to see how it felt. I had quickened the pace of my strokes as I witnessed their pleasure. But I was strangely immune from the normal physical sensations of pleasure, I had not felt myself building to climax. I was too into the sights of these men as they were experiencing each other.Chad pulled Mike's cock out of his mouth and began licking his finger. Mike said that he didn't know if he could take that tonight, but Chad was unpersuaded. He swirled his finger near the tight hole of Mike as merely one knuckle sank into the pink. Mike began to thrash. I could not tell if this was from pleasure or anticipated pain, but Chad did not even flinch. Mike's cock was now buried deep in his throat and Chad was moving his head and mouth in a blur around Mike's cock. My cock felt like it was the biggest it had ever been, and my balls no longer needed any support from my other hand. I could now tell that my cock was going to explode or I would have the biggest case of blue balls in history. I hatched a plan that would wait for Mike to blow his load and as he was in the thraws of his orgasm I would merely sneak back to the other side of the room and wait for them to finish. That way I could blow my load in peace and be on my way with no one the wiser.However, my cock was twitching with such force and the tingles were over taking my body and the cum had not even risen inside my cock. My ass hole started to dilate as I saw Chad's finger sink deeper inside Mikes hole. And Mike was in total relaxation mode as his balls tightened up and his cock expanded in Chad's mouth. Mike even told him that he was close and this made Chad even more aggressive. Chad manipulated his finger with actions that I could not see or know, but it had the desired effect. Mike's body began to pulsate and he let out a low powerful groan as his hands returned to Chad's head but this time to hold it steady. He shoved his cock even further down Chad's mouth and Chad merely held on for the ride.Then Mike called out "oh yeah" several times in a row and Chad desperately was moving his throat muscles to keep up with the load that was being delievered. My plan was to move at that moment, but I was too busy watching this amazing site. My own hand was nothing but a blurr as my own load was building pressure. As soon as Mike had began to blow I too let out a whimper and a moan. The pleasure was intense as the tingles covered my body and the spearm flew out my cock. I was delerious. I had never had an orgasm like that. And just as I was basking in the glow of my pleasure I realized that the room had grown quite. As I opened my eyes I no longer was alone at the end of the room, but both Chad and Mike were looking down at me with my cock in my hand and a smile of my face.I was stunned. What was I going to do? I couldn't deny what had just happened, and it was difficult to read the non-verbal signals from the men I had interrupted. But as I scaned their faces for signs of their mood I noticed for the first time the full glory of Chad's body.As I stated before, he was not as big or muscular as Mike, but now that the fog was no longer an issue and I was merely inches away I could tell that he was an amazing specimen. His arms were rock hard. His stomach was rippled into an pattern that went beyond the stereotypical "6 pack." His legs were solid, if not as big and powerful as Mikes. But what stole my attention was the size and posture of his cock. He still had not cum, so unlike Mike and I he still had a full hard on that called out for attention. It easily stood over 10" and was much thicker than mine. I could now see the full trail of hair that traveled down his cut abs to a neatly manicured but still abundently present nest of hair. His balls were even more gigantic up close and they swong back and forth as he peered down at me.I was too scarred to say anything. My cock immediately strunk in my hand. It shriveled more than normal as I feared the worse in the empty room with two men that were rudely interrupted. Mike very sternly said "Well it is obvious you enjoyed yourself" as he traced my cannon shot of cum on the floor with his eyes that had landed three feet away. I smiled and said "Hey sorry guys I didn't really know what was going on until you guys were already fully into it. I'll just go." I immediately grabbed my towel and tried to hide my shrinking manhood as I made an exit. But Mike was having none of it. He grabbed my shoulder and said "Hey, I'm glad you liked the show, but your outburst cost Chad here his hard on and I think that you owe it to him to help us get it back."Sure enough as I looked over to Chad his hard on and edged and his enormus cock had receeded from its full attention but the thickness was unabated. Its head was not as full, but it still dwarfed either Mike or I, (especially now that I was in doubt as to what was going to happen). Chad just stared at me. It was not menacing, but it was not welcoming or inviting either. His arms were crossed and his knees were cocked ready to confront.I responded that I wasn't gay and that I really didn't mean any harm. Mike just laughed and looked at Chad, who for the first time smiled and covered his nose and mouth with one palm. Mike reached out and yanked my towel away and to display my cock still oozing cum out the end and it falling to the floor in long skinny string. I was embarrassed and exposed. Mike then reached out and grabbed my shoulder with a powerful and steady grib. He leaned in and said. "Man it's ok, we will show you how to be a man." I was stunned. I didn't know if he was threatening me or merely making a proposition. It wouldn't have mattered, it didn't appear that I had much choice in the situation. I was a powerful man in my own right, but I could not overpower both of these guys, and I wonder now if I even wanted to.But I tried one last time. I said "Man you guys are impressive, but really I have to go" and started for the door. For the first time Chad moved toward me and clenched my waist from behind. He pulled himself next to my back and I could feel his sweety wet chest and legs next to my back and thighs. He repositioned his arms around my waist and embrassed me tightly. I could now feel his hairy chest rubbing against my back and his erect nipples poking my shoulders blades. But most of all I felt his intensely hot warm cock start to harden as it raised up my thigh and his head rest between my scrotum and my leg.I was motionless and the power of his touch overcome me. His head reached down and began kissing my neck and ears. Tingles began careening all over my body. He grinded his cock into my leg as he fumbled for my cock with the one hand. His left hand held my stomach and chest still as his found my soft disappearing cock. Mike merely smiled at me and told me to relax. They would take care of me and that I would never be the same after tonight.Chad hand merely held my cock for a second and then he took it away. His hand went between my thighs and took a hold of his own tool. As he relaxed his grip he repositioned himself so that his cock stood straight up against his stomach. He then pressed himself against me again. This time his cock was surrounded by my ass cheeks and the underside of his cock began to pulsate against my body.I was blown away. It was then that his hand again reached for my cock, and this time his hand was not disappointed. Although I had already blown a load for the ages my cock was hard and aching for more. So much so that the pressure had a certain amount of pain associated with it. Chad merely whispered in my ear, "I knew you would like that." I was putty in this man's hands as Mike approached me from the front. His own cock had come to full attention. His hand reached out to my neck and shoulders as his mouth collapsed onto mine. I had never kissed a man before, I was always the one in charge. My mouth resisted, but Mikes tongue was not to me denied. He forced his way into my mouth as his powerful chest and arms surrounded my body. I was now powerless and loving this manly attention. I began to return the favor as my tongue explored his mouth and tasted his tongue. Chad pulled away from my back and sat down on the bench to watch as he began stoking his monster cock. Mike pulled his mouth away and directed me to to the bench. I was still a little frozen with shock. Mike merely pulled his hand back and smacked my ass. His voice became very stern when he said "NOW". I followed his direction and sat down on the step next to Chad.Mike now got down on his knees in front of me and his hand reached out for my cock. The sexual feeling was powerful as this mountain of a man was not yanking on my cock. I was filled with tension and anxiety about the future of this outing, but I was excited and thrilled at the same time. Chad merely placed his hand on my face and directed my attention to him. He placed his hand behind my neck and guided me down toward his cock. His raging monster made my mouth look small as he gripped his tool with one hand he outlined my face with his head. I was getting my tool aggressively yanked by Mike and it was now apparent that I was now going to swallow the largest cock I had ever seen. I just didn't know how.The flesh of Chad's cock was firm and pulled taut. The color had turned much darker than mere moments before. I had never been so close to an exposed penis as he rubbed his head on my nose and cheeks. He was silent but he was looking right into my eyes as he took pleasure in my ignorant stare and wanting glances. His cock began to ooze precum on my chin and I knew that I was about to take it. I began to rise up to take my position in front of Chad, but Mike held my hips to the steps. Chad got up from his position on the second step and stood in front of my face. His back was to Mike with his ass facing the rest of the room.Mike was providing significant distraction as his hand was massaging my stone hard cock. Chad again firmly grasped my neck as he thrust his penis into my willing mouth. The invasion was slow but persistent. I began to lick the head in my mouth in order to taste his precum, but that sensation was not long last, because his head was seeking the depths of my throat. Just has he hit the back of my jaw, he relaxed his grip on my neck and withdrew his cock. He then proceeded his march to his objective as his huge phallis plunged into my mouth. This time my tongue got out of the way as his shaft sank into my throat. He moaned with satisfaction as he held his cock in place.I started to become nervous and made the principle mistake. He leaned down and said "be careful don't use your teeth" "Relax your throat and when it feels too tight try to swallow." I have to admit I was scared this man's cock was only 5 inches in my mouth and I had over 5 more inches to go. But the feeling of satisfaction was not strickly his, as the feeling of a penis in my mouth was like heaven. The hard shaft in contrast to the fleshing head all wrapped up in the masculine power of his domination.Mike sat back and watched and every once in awhile would exclaim "Wow this is hot". He would reach up and spank Chad's ass making his cock jolt in my mouth. After a few minutes he couldn't take merely watching anymore, and I felt his grip change on my cock. Within mere seconds I felt his mouth totally surround my shaft. He wasted no time. While I was struggling to balance breathing with this monster dick trying to squeezed down my virgin throat, Mike took all of my 8.5" in one plunge. I moaned in appreciation. The vibrations from my throat made Chad renew his quest to fully sink his snake into my throat.His cock was now about 6" fully in and I was in heaven, I had one man devouring my tool as another was teaching me how to suck. The constant pressure of Chad's dick had become too much to take and I defensively swallowed. Now the sensation was very erotic as his cock sank in another 2-3 inches. I could feel my throat expand and could now feel his balls slap the underside of my jaw as he thrust in and receeded, in and out.Mike continued his tongue bathing an oral massage of my member as he gripped my legs and spanked my thighs. I was invigorated by the pleasure and the light pain. But then he saw my balls started pull up toward my body. He took my cock out and told me "NO no, not yet." He aggressively looped his index finger and thumb around my sack high up and pulled down on my balls. The pain at the beginning was a jolt, but then the stretching began to feels amazing. I could feel as low rolling ache that pulsed through my groin and stomach as he would tug on my sack and finger my balls.The surprise sensation made be quit sucking on Chad I pulled his cock out of my mouth to get my bearings. Chad merely leaned down and began kissing my stretched out mouth. His hot mouth and powerful tongue were a different sensation from this rock hard cock. I instintively wrapped my arms around his shoulders and chest as he repositioned his body. I was now following Chad's lead as he sat down on the step next to me. We continued to kiss as my balls were in a new vice and my hands were exploring the chest hair of very powerful pecs. I turned my body to face him. As I did so I got up from my seated position and stood on my knees as we continued to kiss.He pulled away from my mouth and brushed the matted sweaty hair away from my forehead. Chad then opened his legs again and presented his still raging hard on for my attention. I still had not conquoured its length and girth, but I was still determined to do my duty.During the switch in positions and my first kiss by a man I almost totally forgot about Mike. He had released his grip on my balls and now positioned himself behind me as my ass was aimed into the air. As soon as I felt Mike's hand on my ass cheek I bolted up right. I looked back at him and gave him a no uncertain look of death to the man that attempted to invade where no man or woman had gone before. He merely peered back at me and said relax, you have a job to do.I mistakenly thought I had communicated my limitations, I was soon to find out otherwise.I repositioned myself between Chad's thighs and he plunged his cock back into the back of my throat. This time he went in further and now the base of his dick was within reach. I was amazed at the feeling, I was light headed and was tearing up but the pleasure running through my body was sending waves and waves of joy throughout.It was during one of these waves that Mike reached through my thighs and grabbed my cock. He gave it a couple of slow massaging strokes and then steadily began to bend it backward. I was too busy with Chad's dick to fully protest, but oddly it felt good to have my cock pointing between my legs and out behind my ass. In this position the head of my shaft was just past my legs and Mike began to lick and suck it. My cock began to deflate, but the pleasure was still the same as he bathed it with his tongue. But then I realized the real reason for this treatment. His tongue began to dance from my head to my hole which was now only an inch from where he was sucking. Soon enough he let go of my soft swollen cock and licked my hole. I stopped suddenly and let the new sensation pour over my body. I had never felt anything like this before. My hole was alive and flexing, it was practically begging for more attention, and I felt my ass clench and grind onto his tongue in an attempt to find further satisfaction. I heard Mike merely chuckle as he made his tongue as stiff as it could be. He began to lightly probe my hole and I began to moan. My moans around Chad's cock were like music to Mike's efforts as he grabbed my hips and began to aggressively dive his tongue in harder and further. I was overwhelmed. I pulled Chad's cock out of my mouth and was engulfed in pleasure as his powerful hands held all control of my lower body as his mouth worked its magic.Chad's balls were beginning to rise up toward his body, and I knew that he was needing more attention. I found new resolve despite the new discovery of pleasure that was occurring. I plunged his cock in my mouth and clentched Chad's shaft and began aggressively thrusting his manhood into my throat while working the shaft with my expert hand. If there is one thing I know how to do was jack a dick. Chad started to breath heavy and was now clentching my shoulders with greater power. He would give little grunts as I picked up the pace and worked the muscles of my throat on his cock.Mike continued to lick my hole and would every once in awhile bring my balls up to his mouth for a little attention. I loved in all, but right now I was on a mission to feel the release of a man down my throat. Chad had waited this entire time and had build up quite a load, and I didn't know if my virgin mouth could take it. But his cock was already started to swell even larger and his body was no longer the pale white, but had changed to a darker pink. His cock began to buck in my mouth and he exploded in my mouth. I was surprised and amazed by the sensation. It was much more powerful than I thought, but it was quickly becoming more than I could take. Chad grabbed the base of his dick and withdrew it only see it shoot again on my chin and on my neck as I smiled up at him. He grunted a couple more times and sat back to watch his powerful dick begin to receed to a more manageable size.He merely smiled at me and got off the seat to meet me face to face as we began to kiss. First he licked his cream from my face and we shared deep powerful kisses as Mike continued to work his charms. Mike then graduated from his tongue bathing of my hole and stuck his finger at the rim. I was in the middle of kissing Chad when he quickly but gently sank his thumb up my ass. I jolted up right, but the painful and unwanted violation quickly subsided and he began to rub me in a spot that made my dick dance and my balls feel like they where being pulled. Mike put his hand on my back and pushed me back down. In one move I felt my back not only go down but I my ass and back arched to welcome this penetration. My mind was racing I had always assumed that this would be an extreamely painful experience, but his tongue lashing had numbed the pain and now opened a whole new world to me. But Mike was not finished. Chad began to kiss me again and he reached for my cock. It was fully erect and slammed up against my stomach. He was stroking it with light small touches as we investigated our mouths. But then Chad pulled back and looked in my eyes to tell me to relax. I wondered aloud "why?. But then the answer was obvious. Mike took his thumb from my hole and positioned his hands right in front of each of my legs on my hips. I could now feel his pole between my legs and sack graze by my hole.I turned my head around, almost like it was on a swivel, to look up at Mike. A thumb and tongue were one thing, his swollen hard on was a different animal. What was before merely exploration and new sensations was quickly becoming terrifiying. Mike's face was expressionless as if he was in a zone and on a mission. His hands tightened their grip and his arms tensed and bulged in anticipation of my conquering. I was excited and frightened. Despite the reasurrances from Chad and requests to relax, I now felt like I had slipped into a zone. And like a dear running from a spot light I bolted forward. Chad caught my chest and flexed his own body to fight my natural reaction to flee. Mike knew his opportunity was limited and quickly lubed up his pole.For some reason I was silent, too scared to scream and too angry to cry. Mike repositioned his cock at my puckered hole and slowly pressed with his blunt cock. I felt my sphincter expand to try to avoid the angry invasion of Mike's phallis. I again bucked in defiance. Chad again tried to kiss me in an attempt to placate my fear, but I was beyond that now. Mike's grip was too strong and sure. His cock was too powerful and hard to be denied as slowly it made its march. The pressure was overwhelming. It felt like three or four knives were poking my abdomen. I clenched my ass and grunted out of pure pain. I was involuntarily rocking forward in a vain attempt at avoidance. But Mike was still plunging forward. Chad merely held my shoulders and whispered softly, all of which was indistinquishable from the pain.Mike started to pull back and I thought maybe he was being gracious in giving me a reprieve. But he merely was reloading his energy as he contined his quest at my domination and to fully dilate my hole. However, just as the pain seemed to climax a weird breakthrough occurred. Mike head surpassed my sphincter and it was as if I was free from the knives and the overwhelming pain. The pressure continued to mount as yet another inch disappeared into my ass. But now the pressure was like a rolling form of energy which wave after wave weakened my knees and made tingles throughout my body. I was not cumming, but the invasion was now welcome. I felt Mike's head probing parts of my hole that was unknown before. The motion was hitting parts of my ass that cried out for manipulation as he rocked his full 8" back and forth. And then I felt his powerful balls slap my own. The ache from my balls made me moan as my hole was fully stretched (or so I thought). The mixture of pain, pressure, deep penetration, and massaging action was taking me to another place.I was no longer bucking to avoid Mike's cock, I was pushing back to meet him. The rubbing on my prostate was bringing wave after wave of pleasure that I did not think was possible without blowing a load. But my cock wasn't even needed for this. In fact when I looked through my legs I noticed that my cock was hanging and swaying with every delicious thrust of Mike's cock. While it was not hard it was thick and heavy and the sensation of my cock swinging making the pleasure even more powerful. Now that I was fully open to his power, Mike began to quicken the pace, while at the same time lengthening his strokes. Every once in a while he would fully pull his tool out of my hole just to watch it disappear down the long tunnel of my hole.Chad had let go of my shoulder and was now just sitting back and watching the site. His monster cock was beginning to rise again as he stroked it while watching my hole be pounded by his man. Again I saw the real monster cock that was longer and thicker that Mike's, and for the first time I wanted to feel that tool now that Mike's was fully accomodated.Mike began to grunt with animalistic sounds. They weren't necessarily pleasurable, but sounded more like a fighter pilot trying to thwart the effects of mounting g forces in flight. I knew that he was trying to avoid cumming. His pace had diminished, but his thrusts were more powerful. My whole body rocked from the penetration and my ass rippled. He took his hands from the crook of my hips and legs and would spread my ass to get the best view as he kneeded my cheeks. My ass is firm and very muscular, but the pounding made them shake and quiver. I was quickly loosing altitude on my stance. My legs were giving out. The tip of my dick was touching the step that I was perched on, while I slowly but involuntarily slid down.His grunts gave me some sense of power. Now I could take the initiative and he was not the only one that could provide direction. I mustered all my strength and squeezed his cock with my ass. His grunts persisted, and I knew that I would have to drain him, he would not give in willfully. My virgin hole was a comfortable hot refuge that he was not willing to part with, but I had my eye on even a bigger conquest in front of me. I was greatful to Mike for his dominance, but now my will would endure, and I would have his cum.I squeezed again, just as he began to move out of my hole and as he began to enter I squeezed again. I couldn't feel the slap of his balls on mine anymore, so I knew they had begun there journey to deliver his load. I could sense his frustration. He knew what I now wanted and he was fighting not only his own sensations but my body to keep it.Before he had begun to slow, I too felt that I was getting close. My balls were no longer swinging as far down and my cock was getting harder, but now that I knew I had this advantage the thought of blowing my load was secondary. Plus I was saving myself for the man that now was fully showing his power in a quiet display less than three feet away.Chad's cock was again the 10 inch titan that I had down my throat. I could hardly believe I had taken his load, but now all I wanted was his new load in the other end. Mike's thrusts were powerful, but Chad's would be overwhelming. His size would dominate me in a way that mere powerful thrust were incapable. I wanted that cock, and I had to get Mike off to get it. Chad knew this in my eyes as I traced his body as he playfully stroked his cock. His movements were not intended to bring about his own physical pleasure, but merely to put on a show for me. He could see my wanting glances as he played with his balls. He would trace his head with his fingers to rub in the precum all with the intention of merely displaying his size. Having Mike's cock merely showed me the power of a penis, but I was no longer afraid, I wanted to take, and to take and to take.Mike made one last thrust and tried to stay buried deep inside in an attempt to assuage the coming load. But I would have none of it. I twisted in his grip and sucked his cock with my hole in multiple small squeezes that made him groan with a deep voice from a place deep in his chest. I could feel his cock tense, as he said "fuck you got me". He pulled out only slightly and then rammed in again as a torrent of cum filled my cavity. His groans were loud and intimidating as if he was relenting to the power of my hole to tame his rod. He was not happy with the sacrifice of my slippery tight ass, because he knew it was no longer his to dominate. Mike withdrew his diminishing member and slapped my ass in frustration. I did not care; my ass merely wanted to feel the pole that would make it believe that it was a virgin all over again.

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