Saturday, October 6, 2007

मेरे दोस्त की डायरी से

Hi guys, I was just lying here on the sofa, idly playing with myself and daydreaming, when I started thinking about a hot time I had few years ago in the 2002 when I was in college. I thought some of you might like it so I figured I'd share the memory! It was like 2005, I wasin college, and I worked out at the Y. No huge muscle guy, but I was in good shape. 6', 175#, longish light brown hair, high forehead, sensitive face, lightly hairy chest, 6" cut and smooth round buttocks... I got to know some of the guys in the weight room, including a couple "older" guys. Well, they were older to me, I was 20 and they were late 30s, early40s! They were both big strong guys, who had been lifting for years. They befriended me, helped me get started lifting, you know. I was kind of shy about my sexuality then, and though I had been with a few guys, and really liked it, I didn't advertise it. These two guys were manly, sexy dudes though, and I enjoyed some hot fantasies about them. I evenimagined a couple times that they were kind of eyeing me in the showers, but wasn't sure, and was too shy to say anything. One afternoon though I mentioned to one of the guys, Doug, that I was feeling a little sore, and he suggested a good massage. When I said that sounded nice, he offered to give me one, back at his place that he and the other guy, Steve shared. Now my imagination kicked in of course but I also thought to myself that it was just that, imagination and nothing would really happen. Little did I know! Well we hit the showers and I thought I did see both of them shooting me looks, and since we were alone in the showers I took a chance and spent a little extra time soaping and going over my ass and crotch. Then I was sure they were looking, they both smiled at me, and god I was so horny and so nervous! They were pretty cool though, Doug came over to me and patting my ass said, "Hey, relax, we understand, it's cool, we'll just have some fun, and we'll stop anytime you want, OK?" I just smiled shyly and nodded, unable to believe what I was getting into. I mean both these guys were big, Doug was 6' and 215, Steve was 5'10" and 200, and both in good shape, muscular, and both seemed to be decently hung too I had noticed! Their apartment was just a five minute walk across the park. They lived in a big downstairs flat and we went inside and Doug invited me to sit down on the sofa. I'd mentioned one time that I liked to smoke a little pot and Doug and Steve got out a little hash they had and wesmoked a bowl. It was good stuff and I was floating and dreamy, loose and comfortable. Then Doug told me to come on, he'd give me that massage, and we went to a room at the back of the flat. They had a padded table in there, a real massage table, and when Doug suggested I undress I did so, enjoying the two of them watching me. They stripped too, and I noticed that both of them had cocks that were swelling and thickening! I smiled at the sight, unconciously licking my lips, and Doug stepped to me and gave em a long slow kiss, while Steve came up to me and we stood in a 3 way embrace for a minute, the two of them petting and kissing me, and I was just melting, like butter in their hands. The Doug moved back and had me get on the table where I was to get my first ever massage. It was amazing, I'd had friendly backrubs, you know, but Doug really worked my muscles, and all up and down my back, neck, shoulders, legs, it was so relaxing! I had thought he'd be playing with my ass right off, but other than massage my ass cheeks he didn't for a long time, and all the while Steve was sitting by, just watching, flipping through a bodybuilder magazine... After like 20 minutes or so, Doug came back to my ass, and once again carefully and deeply massaged each of my ass cheeks, one at a time, and worked around my lower back and the insides of my thighs which were spread apart a little. When he started to glide his fingers up and down the crack of my ass I sighed a deep sigh, and shifted in pleasure. Stevesmiled over at me and got up to go to a little table in the room. From a drawer in the table he pulled out several dildos, ranging from small to ass busting, and he came and stood by my head with them, rubbing the smallest one against my lips. I smiled and opened my mouth and started to slowly suck and lick that dildo, and Steve nodded approvingly and strokedmy hair as I did, telling me what a good boy I was. Then he moved down to where Doug was, and together they started to work my ass. Doug massaged and spread open my ass cheeks, and Steve lubed up and then slowly worked in that smallest dildo. I was so relaxed and warm from the massage that it slipped in with only a momentary pain, and they were both pleased with how nice and tight my ass was, and how I took the dildo. After working that little one in me a bit, they had me get up on my knees, so I could better take the middle size one. That one took a little longer, but they were gentle and I was ready, and soon it was sliding deep into my ass, making me breath deep and arch back for it. Steve was dildo fucking me now, and Dough was fondling my balls and stroking my cock, and suddenly I came, shooting hard long spurts of cum over and on Doug's hands. He chuckled happily, stroking me off, Steve continuing to work my ass, and then when I was done Doug came around to my head and told me to lick my own cum off his hands. I did as he said, giving in more and more to what they wanted, sluttishly lapping up my sweet sticky cum off his big hairy hands. Steve pulled out the middle size dildo and then shoved the big head of the largest one against my now loosened asshole, god the thing was huge, thick, like 8" long or more, and this time he wasn't gentle, as soon as the head was in he pushed it down and into me in one long hard thrust, making me grunt and gasp as my ass was reamed out by that big fat dildo! He started running that big thing in and out of my ass with long firm strokes, while Doug moved to my front and lifting my head a bit pushed the pre cum oozing head of his hard cock against my lips. Oh my god, it was awesome back in those days, I could swallow cum and have my ass filled with cum and not worry so about "safety!" Doug and Steve decided it was time to move on, and so Steve smoothly slid out that big dildo, making me gasp as it slipped out of my now well lubed and stretched ass, while Doug pulled his cock out of my mouth. They moved me back on the table so that I was on all fours, legs curled under my ass, my ass perched invitingly right at the end of the table. Steve moved behind me, and Doug swung up on the table. That was how we did it, Doug in front, my head face down in his crotch, my soft wet lips wrapped around his fat cock, while Steve stood behind me and after carefully positioning the head of his cock just inside my asshole, started to fuck me in long deep smooth thrusts. Oh my god, it felt so good! It was bottom heaven, one fat cock in my mouth, another in my ass, two hard strong men humping me at both ends, knowing that I was their slut, their cum receptacle for the afternoon! I totally gave in to the whole experience, I wasn't thinking about anything, except to move with them, to receive their manly love, to be as good a bitch for them as I could, that was my whole world.
Both guys were very horny after all that massaging and dildo fucking me, and I quickly tasted first Doug's pre cum and then he tensed and pushed into my mouth as he shot big thick gobs of sticky sweet cum, which I eagerly gulped down. While he was cumming Steve slowed his rhythm, patting my ass and telling me to go ahead and swallow Doug, then he'dgive my ass a nice "fill 'er up..." I concentrated on swallowing and slurping up all of Doug's yummy cum, and only when I'd sucked him to the finish, and was resting with my face in his crotch, his sticky, wet, softening cock pressed into my cheek did Steve resume his umping me. He was horny too, and it didn't take too many strokes before he was clamping his big hands hard on my smooth round ass cheeks and waist as he grunted and shoved his cock deeper yet. I could feel his thighs tense up as he shot into my ass and I relaxed my asshole and arched back to him as much as I could, to better take him. When he finished and pulled out, Doug got up saying he wanted to piss, and I rolled on my back and started to jerk myself off. Steve sat back and smiled contendedly as I did, and I quickly was shooting cum across my belly and up onto my chest. Doug came back into the room after a minute and striding over to me started to stroke my sides, telling me as he did that he'd just called a couple guys he knew, that he knew I wanted to be used, and oh my god he was so right, I did, I really did. Well, they came over, and I was fucked up the ass at least five or six times that afternoon, I lost track, not to mention a few more blowjobs. Mainly they wanted my ass though, and they got it. They moved me into Doug's bedroom where he had a big water bed, and slung me on it and put a pillow under my belly. Then they just took turns riding me, and while thefirst few times I was pretty active a bottom, after a bit I just laid there, a passive soft warm ass for them to fuck over and over. It was so good, to just lie there, one man after another taking his turn, a guy would finish his turn, grunting in satisfaction as he strained his lastbit of cum into my well used ass, and then he'd pull out, and hardly would his weight be off me than another guy would take his place, and my whole body would ride and shift and move under him as he would ram my ass hard....

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