Wednesday, October 17, 2007

afghan youth

The HMMVW rolled to a stop before a farmhouse north of Kandahar. PFC Churaised his IR goggles and surveyed the scene. The heat sources bloomed andreceded as he adjusted the image, until three sources stood clear."Sergeant!" he called clearly to the companion seated beside him, "threesignatures, two engaged!"Sgt Willsen chewed his lit cigar. He was a tough African-American, an armyman since graduating high school, and hard to impress. Chu hadn't let himdown since they'd arrived in theatre. Best fucking IR analyst he'd had. Hebit the end off his cigar and spat a wad of tobacco."All male?" he asked.Chris Chu viewed the balls of light that illuminated his goggle."Affirmative. Single male in north-west corner of compound, two males, uh,plowing ass in the south-east corner". The horny asian grabbed his owncrotch and squeezed as he watched the blurry fornicators thrusting in hisgoggles."You sure?", his section commander asked. "three target males?". He trustedChu implicitly, but he would ask all the same. Plowing ass was interesting.His cock twitched at the thought of watching handsome Afghans breedingAfghans."IR don't lie", Chris replied, "I can see their fuckin' peckers." The loneAfghan was lit up in IR by his sweaty balls. The other two were illuminatedwhere one's cock was sliding into the other's tight ass, and by the IRsignature given off by their jizz-swollen balls.Rufus Willsen reached over and killed the ignition. He swung out of hisseat, M-16 slung in his arm. "Let's do it," he said, spitting out the buttof his cigar.The two soldiers took up position before the farmhouse door, and on thecount of three Chris burst through, weapon raised. He moved towards theleft, to secure the southeast corner of the complex. Rufus rushed to theright, and before Chris had even navigated the narrow corridor to histargets he heard Rufus shout "Down, down, get down!", followed by"Secured!".He entered a dimly lit room. In one corner he saw two pale bodies, on arough bed close to the floor, coupled in coitus. He pulled the trigger onhis M-16 twice, firing into the wall well above them, the muzzle flashesbriefly illuminating the room. It was enough to see the two Afghans, oneatop the other, assfucking. One lay face down on the bed, his ass pushed upby a pillow under his hips. The other sprawled against him, his cock deepinside, almost pulling his fuckpole free before burying it deep. Chu shoutedin the only Pashto he knew "US Army - you are arrested!".As the fuckers disengaged, their faces came into the spotlight of Chu's M-16mounted flashlight. The battle-hardened private's jaw dropped - his twocaptives were indistinguishable. The horny fornicators were identical twins.His already stiff cock swelled in his combats, slipping free from theconfines of his briefs. He gestured the naked twinks to stand against thewall, arms up and legs spread. They were clean shaven with short black hair,fit bodies from farm labour, smooth except the dense dark hair around theirpubes.>From the next room his sergeant brought the other detainee, hands>restrainedbehind his back. The prisoner's face, even with it's tightly cropped beard,was similar enough to the twins to mark him as the older brother. He wasshirtless, clad only in partoog, the baggy cotton trousers worn inAfghanistan. Like his younger twin brothers his body was fit, but moremuscular, with a trail of black hair leading from a furry patch on his chestdown into his pants. He audibly inhaled in shock as he saw his youngerbrothers standing naked against the wall, their swollen cocks jutting awayfrom their body: one twin's cock was slick and lubed; the other twin's asspink from the pounding interrupted by the Americans' raid. Their bodies werewitness to their older brother of what they'd been doing with each other.Willsen pushed the older brother face first against the wall beside hisbrothers. The sergeant had an ID card he had found. He peered at it."Who-came", he said, and looked at the man. No response. He grabbed hishair, and turned his head to look at the card in his hand. "Who-came?", herepeated, waving the card. The man understood. "Hukam", he said, pronouncinghis name. Rufus grunted. He slapped the ass of the twin beside Hukam to gethis attention, and pointed at his brother saying "Hukam", and then pointedat him, with eyebrows raised. "Zmarak", the younger man said. He movedsideways to slap the other twin's bare ass. "Hukam. Zmarak", he said."Kakay", came the response in a low voice.The two soldiers looked at their captives, squeezing their swollen cocksthrough their combat pants. The two twins, Zmarak and Kakay, stood againstthe wall, their arms raised and palms pressed against the cinderblock. Theywere naked, their young cocks still stiff and pulsing. Their older brotherHukam stood beside them. He stole a look at his younger brothers' cocks,relieved that his partoog hid his swelling tool. "Fuck, I need to bust mynut", said the older more experienced black man.Chris licked his finger, and pressed the lubed digit against Zmarak's tighthole. With some effort his digit slipped in. The Afghan youth moaned as theAmerican penetrated his luvhole. Hukam looked away as the asian GI violatedhis brother, then slyly glanced back. Zmarak was pushing back, buryingChris's finger deeper, rather than recoiling. Hukam's cock bobbed and a dropof precum leaked from his cock and wicked into his cotton pants.Chris guided Zmarak towards his twin brother Kakay; the young Afghan'sswollen fuckpole pressed briefly against Kakay's winking sphincter, beforeit slipped in and was enveloped by his twin's luvchute. Zmarak, encouragedby Chris's hands on his ass, soon found an easy rhythm fucking his brother'sass.Hukam was now rock hard as he watched his smooth younger brothers fuck. Hiscut fuckpole leaked a steady stream of precum that hung like a salty threadfrom his throbbing tool.Chris was stripping out of his combats, anticipating fucking Pashtunman-ass. His throbbing cock burst out of his briefs as he slid them off. Hissmooth asian body was hairless, other than the silky halo of black hair thatsurrounded his cock and balls. His sergeant looked approvingly at Chu'smuscled physique, the result of vigorous training.The sight of Zmarak's round Afghan ass tightening and relaxing as thePashtun twink pumped his brother's lovepussy was by now too much for Chris.He dropped to his knees and spread Zmarak's cheeks, eagerly tonguing theyouth's hole as Zmarak bred his twin. Zmarak moaned as his fuckpussy wasswabbed and then penetrated by the American's tongue. The moans turned Chrison more than ever, his cock throbbing at the thought of mating withZmarak's sweet and tasty boycunt.He stood up behind Zmarak, his raging fuckpole aimed at the fucker'smanhole. He reached around Zmarak to put his hands on his brother Kakay'ships on either side, and slowly pulled himself forward, letting Zmarak's ownhip thrust's impale the Pashtun boy on his Asian-American ass-splitter.Zmarak moaned, enjoying the fuckchute massage he was getting. Chris had onlyto stand still behind the Afghan fuckstud to let his cock be serviced by theyouth's tight boypussy.It was Rufus's turn now with the oldest of the three Afghan brothers. Hukamcouldn't help himself at the sight of the three-way fuckmeet beside him, andhad dropped a hand to stroke his thick meat through his cotton trousers.Rufus's fat black cock was ready for action, and Hukam's virgin ass wasvirtually quivering to be filled. Rufus put his hands on Hukam's baremuscled shoulders, and guided him towards the stained bed mat that lay onthe floor. He pushed him on his back, then slid off the Afghan's whitepartoog, leaving him naked, his hard dripping cock pressed against his furrybelly. The sergeant now stripped bare, his engorged black fuckstickspringing out of his briefs and wetly slapping his stomach. Hukam's cockdrooled as he stared at the unimagined black meat. Rufus spread and raisedthe Pashtun's legs, throwing Hukam's legs over his shoulders, and thenpressed the bulb of his manmeat against Hukam's hungry lovehole. He slowlypressed forward until he felt Hukam yield, and then he buried his long thickcock deep in Afghan ass. He started fucking the young man long and deep,while both of them stole glances at the horny threesome rutting nearby.Rufus was slick with sweat by the time he felt his cock swell in Hukam'sass, and his balls tighten up into him, and then he was shooting his blackseed deep into the Afghan stud. He kept pumping his ass until his creamyspooge started pistoning out of the Afghan's ass.Hukam was surprised to actually feel the American's hot manspunk explodinginside him. And then, with Rufus still leaning over him, and the spent blackcock still deep in his ass, with his ankles still draped on the sergeant'spowerful shoulders, he felt his balls draw tight, and hot creamy Pashtunmanjuice was splattering over his chin and chest. He involuntarily madeshort inarticulate sounds with each contraction of his balls. He gasped ashis climax faded. Without ever touching his cock, this black fucker hadmilked him dry.Before he slipped out of Hukam's ass, Rufus felt the contractions of theorgasming Afghan's fuckring around his cock. He leaned forward to lick thehot white spooge off Hukam's chin and chest.Zmarak's cock had been stroking itself in Kakay's tight boyhole with everythrust forward, while his lovebutton in his own fuckpussy was being massagedon every thrust backward by the rigid asian manpole behind him. When heheard his older brother Hukam's noisy orgasm, it sent him over the top, andhe buried himself deep in Kakay's ass to deliver his load. Chris felt theboy's cherry lock around his cock, and took the cue, vigorously thrusting tostroke Zmarak's g-spot and prolong the Afghan's fuckblast.When his nuts had been milked dry, the sweaty twink held onto his brother,still deep inside him, as Chris continued to hammer him from behind. Chrisreached in front of Zmarak's spent balls to where the Afghan's cock splitapart his twin's ass, and scooped the creamy manjuice leaking from Kakay'sluvhole with his fingers, then brought it to Zmarak's lips. The twinkeagerly gobbled his own cum from Chris's fingers, licking them clean. Stillfucking the Afgan's tight ass, Chris reached again for another wad ofZmarak's boyhoney, but offered it this time to Zmarak's horny twin. Kakay,still impaled on his brother's softening fuckstick, sucked ravenously atChris's fingers, consuming the salty treat his brother had deposited up hisass.Chris pushed his smooth chest against Zmarak's warm back, thrusting hard anddeep into his velvety boycunt. He was going to bust his nut soon. He bangedhard into the tight fuckhole twice more, than pulled out and grabbed Zmarakby the shoulders and forced him to his knees. He pushed his cock urgently tothe Afghan's lips, which parted to accept the thick cock and swallow itwithout question. He grabbed Zmarak's thick black hair and slammed hisengorged cock down his throat. Once. Twice. And then he pulled free, andblasted wad after wad of Chu-juice onto Zmarak's surprised face. Hisboygravy slid down the Afghan's face; Zmarak licked what he could from hislips.Kakay's cock still twitched, unsatiated, and his twin's twinkbatter leakedfrom his well-fucked lovehole. He knelt and licked the asian boycream fromhis brother's face.Rufus grabbed the still-horny Kakay, and threw him on the bed mat. He rolledHukam onto his side, and bent up one leg to expose his Afri-bred hole,oozing man milk. He roughly guided Kakay's cock to his older brother's hole.Kakay excitedly followed, pushing his throbbing fuckrod up Hukam'sjizz-lubed boycunt. Hukam grunted as his ass was vigorously violated by thesecond cock of the night. Kakay wrapped his arms around his older brotherfor affection as well as for leverage, and aggressively fucked his sloppymanhole. With each thrust into his brother, his buttocks squeezed out someof Zmarak's fresh boyjizz. The previous exertions with Zmarak and Chris hadleft him near the edge, and it wasn't long before his body spasmed , and hebust his nut inside Hukam, his cream mixing with Rufus's.Leaving the three brothers naked and sticky with spunk on the bed, Chu andWillsen pulled on their combats, their hearts still pounding from the heavywork of their manfucking. They made a cursory search of the dwelling,confiscating an ancient pre-WWI Lee-Enfield rifle, which they threw in theback of their humvee, and then they accelerated away, disappearing in acloud of Central Asian dust, the same dust that had stirred under the feetof Alexander's Macedonian army more than two millennia ago. Like the dust,the people were immutable.When the foreigners had left, and with Zmarak and Kakay exhausted and in adeep fuck-induced slumber, Hukam crept to the farmhouse's tiny kitchen, androlled up the rug on the floor. Underneath the rug lay a wooden trap door.He pulled up the door and peered into the darkness of the deep spiderholethat lay beneath. A bearded turbaned head appeared in the shaft of lightdimly illuminating the base of the ladder that led into the squalid hole,and blinked. Hukam sighed. His tall Arab guest would live another day. Hedropped the trapdoor with a bang, and kicked the rolled carpet back to coverit. His cock was getting hard again, and only his twin brothers couldextinguish the new and burning thoughts that fired his mind.

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